Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Haul-🎃-ween \|/, LIII


Part of the celebration of Halloween is participating in many of the possessions manifesting now, for use the year through with that certain Gothic aesthetic among the more Hellegant variations, for those with an artistic eye...

  • 🎃 Speaking of eyes, one of the items chosen is a unique bulging Lovecraftian creature ornament with spikes* to add to the...
  • 🎃 Halloween tree, which was yet another item, in the form of black brambles and thorns.
  • Then we have two complementary candelabras - one black, one red, to be filled with ipso facto, juxtaposed candle colorations.
  • 🎃 Of course, a Satan mask that I had previously in red velvet, now in its counterpart form.
  • 🎃 A holographic 3D demonic leering, scowling face transforming into a rictus. Amusing that this was once almost solely the effect used for the nazarene and cherry mary depictions that followed one through the room, but also singularly used in The Haunted House with the statuette busts, singing "Grim, grinning ghosts... about to socialize..."
  • 🎃 Black Cobweb tablecloth, a novelty skeletal tie, and...
  • 🎃 A skull with pillars wall decoration. Fun for use in a playroom, or anyway deemed appropriate, intended to adorn the top layer of the walls, or even the bottom portion, if so desired.
  • 🎃 Just for the Hell of it, another backup pair of this time in red skull earbuds.
* Reminiscent of Lo Pan's The Beholder from Big Trouble In Little China.

Tags: aesthetics, black earth, halloween, lair decor, lovecraft, oddities, possessions, product review, seasonal, seasons, seasons in hell

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