Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Magical Evilutions Questionnaire

witchy asks

how did you discover witchcraft? When I read The Satanic Bible, though I had been unknowingly practicing instinctively My whole life.
VENOM: Welcome To Hellhow long have you been a witch for? Born. Prefer the word Warlock.
where did you start in your craft? Constructed My first Altar at Dracling residence on a small table facing the west in front of the hall closet, comprised of a drawing of Baphomet {later the cover of VENOM: Welcome To Hell}, glass goblet, butcher knife, ashtray {then molcajete}, votive candles acquired from a local market.
how has your craft evolved since then? Exponentially in all respects. Developed own techniques & wrote My own books on Sorcery, expanding from My Black Book of Shadows.
what is that one thing that happened that convinced you that magic is real? Just being able to make things happen My whole life, to either people, situations, etc., then sharpened dramatically upon structured disciplined practice. Also most dramatically exemplified whereupon I received a Confirmation in the form of a very strong gust of wind from a clear night sky upon asking for a sign, then whoosh! Also another time another confirmation of lightning flashing at the exact same point as My request and hand movement out towards the window. Very many other recorded in The Black Book of Shadows.
what is one area you are completely convinced that is real? what are you more skeptic about? It is all as real as one makes it to be. Thought form projections.
what celestial object do you feel most connected to? The Moon. Hecate, Lilith.
do you have a favourite crystal? favourite herb? Black Opal. Multiplicity of colors embedded within the black; Dragon's Blood.
what is your favourite divination method? Satan's Tarot.
are there any less known areas that you practice? My own oracles I have created - Satan's Ouija {v. I,II,III}, The Omniboard {pendulum}, Satan's Runes.
how open are you about your craft? Very much so in appearance, but will only speak with someone about it who is genuinely interested, and intelligent, receptive enough to comprehend it.
do you know any witches in real life? Besides Myself being a recognized Warlock, my partner.
any areas you wish you were better at? Lust & money conjuration.
any areas you have always been interested in but never got around to trying? Not that I can think of. I've experimented with a great variety, and continue to do so if and when curiosity peaks to better Myself.
any areas you have been interested in and know a lot about but are too scared to try? No.
do you have a familiar? Not at this time, but yes, I have always had familiars who actually have always found Me, from cats to dogs to rats to snakes.
do you have a spirit guide? I would have to say SATAN, The Shadowside.
do you have any spirit companions? I would have to say "minions", egregores, thoughtforms, both created by conjuration & 'assigned'.
what is your favourite thing about your craft? It perfectly feeds into My Gothic/Satanic aesthetic.
what is some advice that you would give baby witches? Follow your black flame and proceed responsibly. or your past self when you were just starting out? Continue doing what you're doing, and add more altargirls!
post a picture of your favourite page of your grimoire/book of shadows/witchy journal! Black Book of Shadows.
how important are tools in your practice? Very important, as each is charged & imbued with energy, though not absolutely necessary in all cases, but preferable for psychodramatic stimulation & empowerment.
do you prefer to buy or make your tools? Parts of each. Some are purchased, then personalized.

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