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At the post office earlier today, I spotted a Magnum automobile - now, modern cars do not usually impress Me, in fact, it tends to be a bit underwhelming, but I did make an exception in this case - this one has The Command to Look about it, The Lighthouse Effect, and just may be one of My future acquisitions - the frame seems to stem from a past orthodoxy blended with progressive technology. To Me, it looks sort of like a cross between a hearse and a hummer - both quite impressive cars {I have always had a soft spot for hearses, which are so very elegant, roomy, and would make for a perfect {Addams} 'family car'}: and the Hummer, well, it certainly is a dominant mass, isn't it... the mix of the Martial and the darkly decorous really makes an impression - quite a Satanic-looking car - and speaking of The Car, it does resemble that classic model a bit...

Speaking of Magnum, I have also noticed that which is connected with this name tends to be of a decidedly indulgent and/or impressive quality - case and point: The Magnum handgun, again, both elegant and deadly, My personal handgun of choice, closely followed by the Luger.

Well, as far as the beer spectrum of alcohol is concerned, I have discovered that Magnum Malt Liquor, made by Miller contains such a surprisingly smooth quality to it, not harsh at all, but actually gives the impression of being a "beer smoothie", as it were - just rich and strong, and absolutely perfect. Plus interestingly, if you notice, the logo kind of resembles a Pentagram and Pentagon in one.

Now, need I mention Magnum condoms? In the personal discipline of responsible indulgence, this particular brand is the only one that suits the gentleman of, let us say, sizable quality, while lesser brands are just far too constrictive.


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