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Haul-🎃-ween \,,/, LIII

"Another one of the plethora of reasons why I love Halloween, is that it's the only time of year I don't have to mail all the way from Transylvania to get certain desirable items. I can just pick them up at the corner store if I want to."

- Dr. Dracenstein

Upon this second excursion, I possessed...

🎃 Grim Reaper upon throne, as a secondary patron of the Unholy Hellday, which should be placed in a prominent position among the displays, high center. Perhaps with offerings of Halloween candy.
🎃 A "Cousin Shy" hangup, comprised of a jack o' lantern with floaty black trail, which one could hang upon The Halloween tree.
🎃 An electrical candlelight ideal for either a nightlight or traveling through the gloom; perhaps could be considered a sort of "gothic flashlight", as it were.
🎃 Glow in the dark skullmask {all things darkglow are fast possessions, whereupon extinguishing the light, a whole dimensional secondary world of darkness appears}.
🎃 Devilmask {red/yellow colorations with 3 horns! 1 centered!}.
🎃 A couple of Halloween hair broaches with spiderwebs and jack o' lantern ribbons for the girls.

Besides the Four Crown Princes of Hell Seasonal designations, it could foreseeably be considered the cold seasons as The Reapers' {rebirth, transition}, while the warmer climates for The Devil {hellfire, lust}, a dichotomy of Life & Death, though as we know, The All-One is encompassed in The Baphomet, third side personification, though the use of a sickle is perfectly employable for the psychodrama of a Death Curse, which may be employable for The Hallow Rite.

Speaking of the colder months, El Caganer should be a horned imp or devil hugely relieving himself somewhere near the manger, if not preferably upon the baby cheezus; representing a profound disgust for the repression, stupidity, & hypocrisy nascent in blindlight idiotology.

Tags: black earth, blasphemy, halloween, holidays, possessions, product review, seasons in hell, xmas

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