Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Serial Killer Questionnaire

tcc inktober

Your problematic fave! The Nightstalker.
Ted and Jeff - versus or loving! Ted Kazinski, Jefferey Dahmer. Their paths most likely would not have crossed.
Dylan and Eric - versus or loving! I think they are cool.
JWG and Lanza - Versus Or loving! Don't think Lanza loved much of anything, except fr perhaps his gun.
your least favorite versus your fave ! Least - probably the couple who killed that little girl.
Draw you as your fave (or a sona!)

Hm, what do you think the zodiac looked like? I get the impression that he had a beard for some reason. It has been postulated that Zodiac may have also been The Green River Killer.
Favorite dressed up as your fave fictional killer! Richard Ramirez.
Gotta love the Og killer H. H. Holmes! Yes indeed, after which Havenhurst is based. Loved his Murderhouse Mansion!
Favorite mythical/folklore/urban legend killer? (the bunny man, kuchisaka onna, man door hand hook car door, etc): Shadowman.
What do you think jack the ripper looked like? Tall skinny Englishman with thin mustache.
Combine two or three killers to create The Ultimate Killer™: Nightstalker, Holmes {genius & knowhow}, Bordella. Super Satanic Killer!
What killer do you think would survive a zombie apocalypse flawlessly? Nightstalker, for his uses of various weapons.
Favorite creepypasta killer? ZALGO.
Draw your faves in stereotypical halloween costumes!
Who would hog all the candy? Gacy.
Pic 2 faves and draw them in the pop team epic style!
Who would have a secret obsession with a toxic fandom? (Fnaf, Undertale, Baldi, Bendy, Mlp, ETC)
Your fave is trans !
Draw ed gein or a fave in ed’s iconic fashion pieces (nipple belt, human gloves and other accessories, human dresses, etc)
Make your own killer !
Who would laugh at minion memes?
Pick two of anyone - versus or loving!
Draw a killer whos dead as a zombie!
Draw an old time killer! (Jack the Ripper, Albert Fish, Harpe Brothers, Lavinia Fisher, Etc)
Put a modern killer in the 1800s
Put an old time killer in modern day
Draw the most brutal killer in your opinion
Who would be the most up to date in memes?
Who’s the Gayest and whos the Straightest?
Go wild!

Tags: crime, criminology, cults, dracumentary, games, interview, trivia

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