Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Demonic Shadow Testimony


At The Crossroads...

Seems to Me that I have recently encountered someone whose path I have 'crossed' before. This person has since become a xtard sheep, which is in fact the nickname I refer to her as; so whereupon overhearing her "testimony", it is actually quite an amusing one.

She claims that once upon waiting late night at a university, she spotted a "demonic shadow" which frightened her onto the I-10 freeway, where she was struck & run over by two vehicles! Scaring her into becoming a follower of the nazarene.
shadow crossroads
Interesting thing is, that I had for a short time frequented here while also traveling to another academic institution, as I was residing nearby for a time. So it should have been very feasible that the shadow she spotted was actually mine!

Additionally, in one point of separation, she is currently considering making one "Churchway" her "home church"! The very one that was set ablaze by My Demonic energy! Oh, if she only knew...

Interestingly enough, there is a Spell in DRACOMEROTH called "The Shadow Demon Spell" which details the invocation of such an egregore.

I would later establish a much better route along the San Gabriel foothills, where The Nightstalker once hunted.

ADDENDUM: In another small bit of trivia, I briefly met with author Rosemary Ellen Giuley [Vampires Among Us] thereabouts. As a matter of fact, I also briefly ran into so-called "former witch" Johanna Michaelsen while attending classes at another College, the author of The Beautiful Side of Evil around the time I was writing pre-Dracomeroth The Omnis. I know she's always been a distraction to the braying lot! Given her good Victorian looks, I'll gladly show her the beautiful side of Evil!

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