Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

HELLapeño bURGEr Sandwitch


Q. Why did the Vampires go to the beach?
A. To see the Sand Witches!

Hellapeño King Sandwitch
Burger King

This is a tasty burger. Hellapeños seemingly embedded in the 1/2 lb. grilled beef meat juices themselves, erupt with flavor like taste bombs each. Crowned with bacon and melted pepper jack cheese. Combo meal includes french fries & beverage of one's choosing, with extras such as onion rings, a shake, and dessert if you like, even a Kids' meal for the toy {Blue Power Ranger w/ Power Punch action!}; chicken nuggets or cheese/burger choices}, and of course, the crown.

It seems to Me that a burger stack can be likened a crown... The bottom bun is the felt upon the circlet, the hellapenos, pickles, and tomatoes are the jewels, the meat is like the supporting ridge, and the cheese is cap of estate, and the top bun is the dome! Just thrust it through with a skewer with whatever decoration or insignia you like for a personal touch! A-la Vlad!

Add to that the Salted Caramel shake, and it makes for a meal fit for a King of Beasts!* Along the general lines of the 3/4 lb. Diablo Burger, this is good enough to be called The King of Hell burger!

* Not to mention the musical selection on the speakers was much improved from last time {featuring retropoprock instead of beaner electronica!

Tags: black earth, food, restaurant, snackrifice, toys, travel

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