Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Dracommended Guidelines for Halloween displays


No matter the general theme of the rest of the attraction, display, The Throne of Satan should be present at a prominent location. Alternately, perhaps some day there will be lines at the shopping center to take photographs with Satan on throne for Halloween!

Get your picture with Satan!

Draconian Guidelines for Halloween displays
  • The Gates of Hell & The Path To The Throne of Satan: Ideally entered through black metal gates obscured with fog, and preferably flanked by demonic gargoyles & creatures of the preternatural, facsimiles or live subjects. The Path shall be distinguished by Jack O' Lanterns each bearing demonic faces &/or insignias. These may represent Demons or "souls".
  • Additional Hellish & Gothic decoration as needed to accentuate atmosphere such as candles, [colored] strobelight, colored lights, plasmaball, cobwebs, music {Classical, instrumental, Metal, seasonal, as preferred to further create an ominous impression}, etc.
  • The Throne of Satan: I. Consists of either a person in costume or an effigy of The Infernal Majesty seated upon Infernal Throne, with Pitchfork, scepter, cranium staff in hand. II. Shall be situated upon a raised platform. III. The throne back should be trapezoidal with two flanking spires cut to shape, and 1/2 circle dome in-between for Pentagram display. IV. Overhang canopy optional.
  • The Trick & The Treat: "Trick or Treat, Devil greet, come get candy by His feet!" Brave Trick-or-Treaters will be rewarded with candy only after collecting some themselves from within The Devil's Cauldron situated between the hooves and within a pentagram, which are flanked by either candles or jack o' lanterns bearing the pentagram and inverse cross. The candy represents "Communion" with The Devil, the patron of all that is mysterious, unknown, & The Forces of Darkness whose potency is magnified.
  • Accompaniment: Individual or several sexy Witches may accompany, along with a "minion" such as a gargoyle, Goblin, familiar, etc. The Pentagram may also be situated before The Throne so that the recipient must stand within to receive their treat. Upon approaching close to The Devil, He will either suddenly leap up, scaring the bejeebus out of, and the Hell into, the recipient, and/or otherwise receive the candy communion with a gesticulation of the Pentagram or inverse cross with the treat before dispensing.
  • Hellhouse Pathway: I. Option to construct a maze filled with horror delights, a fright 'round every corner, perhaps themed in a Dantean Inferno. II. The Shadowmancy Room: Consists of fears & phobias from walking beneath a ladder to broken mirrors, black cats to snakes & spiders, rats & bats, & the number 13.
  • Timing: Trick or Treat between 6-9p; Rituals from 9p-12a {at which point the Throne will be brought in for use in The Hallow Rite situated by The Altar, as it has absorbed the energy from Trick-or-Treat activities}; Midnight-Dawn sinful celebrations, which may include lascivious play &/or entertainment excursions.

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Tags: archetypes, gothic, halloween, horror, psychodrama, ritual, seasons in hell

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