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Horrorween Questionnaire


Slasher Film
What are some of your favorite scary movies? Don't know if they're necessarily "scary" for Me, but most probably to others, while I tend to find such inspirational; but Bram Stoker's Dracula, Mausoleum, House On The Hill, The Exorcist, Evilspeak, The Omen series, Rosemary's Baby, Midnight Offerings, The Devil's Rain, Phantasm series, Ghoulies, Hellraiser series.
Jump Scare
What is a fear that you have? Losing cherished objects.
Haunted House
How much would it cost to get you to stay in a haunted house? I'd evilive there at no cost {except for your soul...}, and chances are that I'd be haunting the HellHouse, and otherwise tend to scare the ghosts!
Do you have a lucky number? Tends to be Infernal Trinity of 666|13|9, as well as combinations of such.
Baths or showers? Baths are for recreating, and/or with a lover, while showers are nice after pressing steel & iron. While "Bloodbaths" are rejuvenating, a-la Elizabeith Bathory.
Found Footage
Have you ever posted a video on YouTube? Yes. My own personal interviews, interviews & documentary segments with LaVey, and that dealing with The Church of Satan. I plan on including The Shadowside Show in the future. [Blackthorne Channel | Church of Satan channel]
Scream Queen
Are you dressing up for Halloween this year? Yes. As Myself, SATAN.
Pumpkin Guts
Do you like pumpkin spice lattes? Yes, especially iced coffee variations!
Grave Robber
Have you ever tried to talk to a ghost? Yes, and have been what I consider successful while utilizing the Ouija Board Necromantic oracular tool. I did remove ghosts from a girl's house once, with a payment of carnal treat options.
Claw Marks
If you could own an exotic pet, what would you choose to have? Reptiles such as a python, bearded dragon, t/horned lizard, horned snake, insects like tarantulas. Hellhounds of course as well.
Cryptid Sighting
What cryptid fascinates you the most? Sasquatch for his penchant for solitude, incredible strength, resourcefulness, and oneness with Nature, living deep in the woods.
Cult Gathering
Are you a part of any organizations? Yes! I Am a Warlock in The Church of Satan.
Friday the 13th
Do you like to go out or stay in on Friday nights? If it is worth going out for with a reflection of My aesthetics, especially favorable musicians and performers, High Holiday celebrations with other Witches & Warlocks; otherwise, remaining in My own Noctuary environment is best.
Devil Horns
Are you an angel or a devil? DEVIL most definitely. Though The Devil has many faces & many masks at His disposal for various purposes.
Bloody Mary
Do you have any urban legends specific to where you’re from? Yes. There are several about Griffith Park & Mulholland Drive.
Spooky Scary Skeletons
What’s your favorite dance craze? The Lurch, The Freddie, & The Slither are amusing. Though the horizontal dance of life is favorite.
Vampire Bite
Have you ever had braces? No. But consider certain girls with them to be attractive in a fetishistic schoolgirl sense.
Butcher Knife
Can you cook? Yes, I do have several specialties, such as The Drac Burger, Hellhouse demon eggs, Deviled eggs, and Naraka stirfry noodles.
Possessed Doll
Are dolls creepy or cute? I find most of them charming - the ones others tend to find disturbing or "creepy" in some way. I have always collected action figures & monsters. I have 2 'children' of the CPK variety named Michael David & Devon Wilton [KR], and love them dearly.
Witches’ Brew
What would be put into a potion to summon you? Beer, Iced coffee, cherry soda, & Absinthe.

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