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Noctuary Update

AbSINtheFinal touches on the bedroom done today, in a burgundy blood-red with black trim. The outside of the house shall be in black and grey, granting it a stony look, and when that is completed, Design Toscano, which is a regular depot already, as many wonderful things have been acquired, shall be primary source of decor, along with all of those great products from The Emporium. Pretty much contemplating where everything will be situated.

Baphomet Wine BlassesAfter this, The Order of The Black Dragon Grotto may meet here, as well as in the Long Beach location, for celebratory rites on those special times of the year. Also, I have surpassed the 100 mark for the online forum! I Am so contented that My members receive such pleasure in being in My presence, and I with theirs. Thank you all!

La Folie Verte: Soon to celebrate with those Baphomet wine glasses filled with AbSINthe, exclusively Logan Fils, which is the absolute best, after trying various other dealers, this one is the best. I personally add a shot-glass full to The Elixer of Ecstasy for Rituals in My chosen nectar, and it truly does enhance the indulgent quality thereof. The multi-sensory stimulus that is derived when embibing this diabolical philtre is just pure ecstasy - there, in the gloom of the redblack and candle light, listening to HP Gilmore's Threnody For Humanity, or Midnight Syndicate, Leaetherstrip, lifting a glass to Satan there reposing as Baphomet, the majestic splendor is replete.

I received another order for The Devil's Cord! This is a labor of love, as it were, as it is with the Black Arts and Witch Crafts I offer, as I step out onto the back porch working area underneath the moon and commence with their creations. This shall be an intriguing undertaking, as the rosary may double as a cincture which The Magician may utilize during Workings, and to carry with one for outings, in which immediate results may be obtained. Business has been looking up, increasing, as Satan's Tarot predicted would come to pass, with the combination and cooperation of The Mammon Rite.


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