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I came across an episode of COPS the other day {one of the very few Letharginator shows I can tolerate, in this case, finding it quite amusing at times, and actually find useful, that is, with the scant shows that might be airing, although I do prefer to acquire My favorites on DVD}, and a scene came on where a suspect decided to take off running, so the officer had to chase him down and tackle him - in this case, using a taser to incapacitate - a very useful and effective device {with the occasional exception of LSD-ridden lowlifes who are so numbed and/or adrenaline-pumped, that it has little effect}. I began to consider that perhaps another weapon of apprehension could be utilized in a bola - thereby, the suspect could be both incapacitated AND apprehended at the same time, making the arresting procedure that much easier, as they would be veritably "hog-tied".

For those unaware, a bola is a throwing weapon resembling a 'yoyo', that could have multiple metal or stone spheres upon ends of a rope. When thrown at an opponent, it wraps itself around the legs to drop them; or it can also be used on other parts of the body, inclusive of tieing an opponent's hands together, and even snatching a weapon away. Though the image above shows a simple configuration, I would personally recommend a chain-link bola, used in Ninjutsu - it would definitely grant the advantage and grant a law enforcement officer time to subdue a suspect. They are easily concealed, and could veritably be folded within a pouch or compartment in an Officer's belt.


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