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May 2005 Mail-order / Armory Webstore updates + Sale Items!!

Hail All CULT Supporters!

   Please find our May Mail-order / Armory webstore update with new additions, restocks and sale items below. If you require our full 2005 mail-order catalog let us know and we will e-mail you one, include a free printed copy with your order, or you can simply check the Armory Webstore!!!

For a limited time: Buy SUMMON’s new album “Fallen” or BLOOD RITUAL’s “Black Grimoire” and receive a FREE 18" x 24" Color Poster!!!!


OLY0245           ABORTED "The Archaic Abattoir" 2xCD W / Bonus comp. CD                                           12.00

                        Total gore-drenched technical Death Metal.

UCR016            AD HOMINEM "For a New World" CD   New Album! Totalitarian Black Metal! Re-stock        13.00

CURSED2017  APHOTIC / DUSK "Split" CD  To Find New Darkness / The Slumber                                    12.00

RSR0175          ARKHON INFAUSTUS “Perdition Insanabilis” Digi CD  New CD!     Re-stock                       12.00

                        Grim, raw, Filthy French Black / Death Metal on Osmose. Ex-Osculum Infame Members!!!

ARCD015          ARMAGEDDA “Ond Spiritism” CD  Grim Hateful Black Metal. A KILLER Album!  Re-stock  14.00

                        Grim Swedish Black Metal like mid era Darkthrone.

ARCD023          BARBATOS "Fury and Fear, Flesh and Bone" CD  New album!                                          14.00

                        Yasuyuki und Youshei  of Abigail, Charles Keller  ex-Order From Chaos and Joel Grind of Toxic Holocaust

AV083              BEATRIK "Requiem of December" Digi CD Funeral deepressive slow emotional BM!            13.00

CM8241            BEHEMOTH "Demigod" CD w/ Slipcase New Album Includes Bonus Music Video   Re-stock12.00

NPR162L          BELPHEGOR "Goatreich-Fleshcult" Digi CD Lim. Ed.Digi book With bonus track!               14.00

NPR162            BELPHEGOR "Goatreich-Fleshcult" CD Killer new album!                                                 12.00   

                        A true bloodbath of outstanding Black/Death! The highlight of their carrer to date!

RSR0174          BETHLEHEM “Mein Weg” Digi CD  New CD by the German Dark Metal gods! Re-stock       12.00

                        Bethlehem's fifth full-length rides through pure uniqueness and individuality which can not be compared

                        to any other sound in this universe.

MMM015           BILSKIRNIR/FINSTERWALD “Split” CD  Grim Black Metal Split.    Re-stock                       14.00

EVIL002            BLACK BLOOD "Cryptic Rituals" CD                                                                               14.00

Obscure and distant Black Metal. Only for the True Worshippers of the Black Cult...

FMP030            BLACK WITCHERY "Desecration Of The Holy Kingdom" CD  Debut album! Re-stock          12.00

                        Dark and evil, barbaric black/war metal played with utter hatred and blasphemy.
RSR0180          BLACK WITCHERY "Upheaval of Satanic Might" CD  New album!                                     12.00

                        9 tracks of Black Speed Metal, Upholding the band's infamy as one of the most extreme USBM bands.

DEAD62            BLOOD RITUAL "Black Grimoire" CD                                                                              12.00   

                        The most anticipated Death Metal record of the decade is unleashed! Rarely does music aspire beyond

                        the physical, for that which lies beyond – offering an experience for the listener. The enigmatic BLOOD

                        RITUAL does exactly that. A decade in the waiting/making, “Black Grimoire” breathes the supernatural.

                        With “Black Grimoire”, BLOOD RITUAL sets a new standard for melodic American Death Metal!

                        "A mass of crushingly heavy riffs and pulverizing rhythms send shivers down the spine. Black Grimoire

                        is the soundtrack to dread." - METAL MANIACS

CANUS0104      BLUT AUS NORD "The Work Which Transforms God" CD  New Album!  Re-stock              14.00

                        A harrowing epic that is as equally bleak as it is grandiose.

CM8199            BORKNAGAR "Epic" Lim. Ed. CD w/ Slipcase New Epic BM with Mr.Vintersorg Vox          12.00

EMF007            C.A.R.N.E. "The Taste of Latex" CD  Brand new  Album!                                                   13.00

                        Brand new full-length of sick and distasteful grind/death/gore from Colombia!

AV031              CARPATHIAN FOREST “Black Shining Leather” Digi CD  Grim Norse BM. Re-stock           13.00

ARCD004          CELESTIA “Dead Insekta Sequestration”  CD  Demo, 7” & BURZUM cover. Re-stock           14.00

                        Dark, atmospheric, ethereal French Black Metal. Featuring Noctu of Drakkar Productons!!

RR6638 CEPHALIC CARNAGE "Anomalies" CD New Album!                                                         12.00

                        Spine-tingling passages of hypersonic grindcore, slow motion doom metal and far-out rock and roll!

DHR004            CONQUEROR/BLACK WITCHERY “Hellstorm Of Evil Vengeance” Split CD  Re-stock         12.00               

CANUS0155      CRIONICS "Armageddon's Evolution" CD    Symphonic BM from Poland.                            14.00

CANUS0091      DISMEMBER "Where Ironcrosses Grow" CD  Sheer Swedish violence and pure mayhem!   14.00

SIN01               ETERNAL "Satanic Templars of the Dark Age" CD  Debut album. Brutal French DM!           13.00

ASPR005          GHASTLY / FLAME "A Morbid Split" CD  Great horror black/thrash & black/thrash             13.00

EVIL001            GOATMOON "Death Before Dishonour" CD Debute album!                                                14.00

                        Debute album of a Radical Finnish one-man band. Total Black Metal!!

CM7944            GORGOROTH “Antichrist” CD  Evil second release. Re-stock                                            12.00

FIRE020            GRAVE FLOWERS "Incarcerated Sorrows" CD                                                                13.00

                        Dark & melancholic metal wrapped in sad melodies and emotional guitar solos.

FMP010            HADES "Dawn of A Dying Son" CD  Second album. Rare / out of print!! Re-stock                12.00

CANUS0065      IN THE WOODS... "Strange in Stereo" CD  Third and final studio full length release.            14.00

NPR163            LEAVES' EYES "Elegy" MCD  New mini with 25 min. playtime + non-album tracks!            9.00

OR004              LORD VAMPYR "De Vampyrica Philosophia" CD  Sympho Black Metal                             13.00

HAUS011          MACHETAZO "Horror Grind"  MCD  Newest MCD of brutal Horror Grind                              9.00

RR32                MACHETAZO "Sinfonias Del Terror Ciego" CD      New Album!                                           12.00

Brand New Album!!! Compulsive graverobbing, zombie resurrections and garden burials.

CANUS0167      MARDUK "Plague Angel" CD  Killer New album!! Another massive BM strike!!                     14.00   

THE BLACK METAL WAR MACHINE!! Sweden’s Marduk never disappoint with their epic

Satanic war hymns. Questionably the most “successful” True Black Metal band in history.

Regardless, Marduk waves the flag of War in an endless Satanic global conquest. Take Note.

FMPM3             MAYHEM/DARKTHRONE "True Legends Of Black" Split CD                                             12.00   

                        Darkthrone's "Thulcandra" demo as well as the original "Deathcrush" ep, both uncut, unedited,.

MAY01             MAYHEM "Dawn of the Black Hearts" CD                                                                        12.00

                        Bootleg of the Bootleg of  the Bootleg of  a crappy sounding live Bootleg. For the die-hard collector.

ARCD021          MORDANT "Momento Mori" CD  New Album!                                                                   14.00

                        Old Schooled BM in the vein of Venom and Celtic Frost. Debut full lenght album after their mini album.
ARCD024          NATTAS "At Ease with the Beast" CD  New Album!                                                          14.00

                        Old Schooled BM with Thrash inlfuences in the vein of Death SS, or Venom. Includes bonus video clip.

RR6983 NILE "Amongst the Catacombs of Nephren-Ka" CD                                                                       12.00

Unearthing Egyptian culture for inspiration. One of the premier death metal bands in the world!

UCR019            NORDISCHES BLUT “Our Banners Will Rise” CD Re-stock                                               13.00

                        Dark, murky Black metal in very similar vein to early Gehenna (think First Spell).

THR023 NORTT “Graven” CD  Bleak, depressive, doom filled Black Metal. Re-stock                                    13.00

CANUS0028      OPETH "Orchid" CD W/Bonus  Debut Album. With bonus track!    Re-stock                       14.00

The killer (now-Classic) debut album of progressive melodic Dark / B / D Metal from Sweden!

CANUS0032      OPETH "Morningrise" CD W/Bonus Second Album!  Re-stock                                           14.00
                        Swedish atmospheric death metal godz! Classic re-issuing With bonus track “Eternal Soul Torture”

Fdoom004         PANTHEIST "Amartia" CD New Album! Finnish Doom on Firebox.                                     13.00

BFD109            PEST (Fin) “Hail The Black Metal Wolves of Belial” CD  Cult Finnish BM. Re-stock             12.00

NH016              SATANIC WARMASTER "Strength and Honour" CD  Debut album!                                    15.00

                        The Debut album re-released by Northern Heritage

AV072              SHINING I  “Within Deep Dark Chambers” CD  First CD of depressive BM! Re-stock            13.00

AV078              SHINING II  “Livets Andhallplats” CD  2nd album.  Re-stock                                               13.00

AV066              SHINING III “Angst” CD  Third album and first for Avante Garde  Re-stock                            13.00

AV082              SHINING IV "The Eerie Cold" CD Fourth and sadly last album.                                           13.00

                        Imagine your worst nightmare, still the uttermost perfection of every black metal heart. Nostalgic,

                        suicidal black metal overdubbed with the haunting vocals of Andreas Classen (ex. Bethlehem,

                        Paragon Belial). Let the self-destruction fucking blossom! Suicide with a large smile...

RSR0111          SKEPTICISM “Stormcrowfleet” CD  Debut of bludgeoning doom reissued! Re-stock              12.00

ARCD014          STARGAZER "The Scream that Tore the Sky" CD  New Album!                                         14.00

                        DM  veterans from Australia. Features Mournful Congregation and Calduron Black Ram members.

DEAD61            SUMMON “Fallen” CD+DVD                                                                                           12.00

                        First 5,000 CD with FREE Bonus DVD - Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound mix (plus DTS surround)

                        of the full album + 3 Videos! The FIRST 5.1 surround sound album in METAL HISTORY !!!

                        SUMMON return with their Sixth studio album and most accomplished work to date. "Fallen" is a

                        collection of immediately memorable thrash anthems that do not sacrifice intensity. Recorded at

                        Hellion Studios (Cephalic Carnage) and featuring gatefold cover art by Petagno (Motorhead),

                        "Fallen" is the culmination of 15 years of writing, recording, and touring that undeniably proves

                        SUMMON are America's premier Thrash Metal act!

                        "You'll be doing yourself a disservice if you don't buy, beg, borrow, or steal this album" -METAL MANIACS

"'Fallen' is just down 'n dirty, flesh ripping blackened Thrash Metal. I can't get enough of this stuff. -BLABBERMOUTH

NPR160L          TRAIL OF TEARS "Free Fall Into Fear" Digi CD Lim. Ed.Digi book with bonus track!            14.00

NPR160            TRAIL OF TEARS "Free Fall Into Fear" CD New Album!                                                    12.00

                        Compelling evolution for this Nowegian prog/dark/gothic metal act

DHR019            TYPHUS "Profound Blasphemous Proclamation" CD                                                         12.00

                        Grim US Black Metal. Featuring Lord Typhus of FOG.

Fdoom006         UMBRA NIHIL "Gnoia" CD  Melodic and atmospheric doom-metal!                                      13.00

FMP36              VELVET CACOON “Genevieve"”CD Eco-fascist  Black Metal From Portland! Re-stock         13.00

ARMCD005       VIDSYN “On Frost Bitten Path Beneath” MCD New Album!  Re-stock                                 10.00

                        Nocturnal Culto/DarkThrone and Hellhammer/ Mayhem. Norwegian BM with the dark ancient feeling. 

SOL047            WYRD “Wrath and Revenge” CD  Demo tracks on CD Re-stock                                         14.00

MMM008           WYRD “Heathen” CD   Lim. Ed. Of 900. Finnish heathen BM Re-stock                               14.00

MMM011           WYRD “Huldrafolk” CD  Heathen Black Metal from Finland with an epic edge! Re-stock       14.00

SOL038            WYRD “Vargtimmen PT. 1” CD   Re-stock                                                                       14.00

SOL046            WYRD “Vargtimmen PT. 2”  CD  Re-stock                                                                       14.00

                        The killer new Vargtimmen series are EPIC Black Metal like Ulver, Corvus while retianing the Grim!

THR56              XASTHUR “Suicide in Dark Serenity” CD Cult USBM. Think Burzum & Manes                     13.00



T-Shirts, Long Sleeve T’s and Arm/Back Patches:

All T’s are double sided, Long Sleeves have sleeve prints, and are on Black Shirts unless stated otherwise.

You MUST specify a size (and alternate) or we will pick a size for you !!!

Cat.#    Artist / Shirt Design                                                      Price    Print Color(s):

DEAD62LS        BLOOD RITUAL "Black Grimoire" Long-Sleeve  Large/Xl                                        25.00    Full Color

DEAD62T          BLOOD RITUAL "Black Grimoire" T-shirt  Large/X-Large                                        18.00    Full Color

DEAD55LS        INFERNAL LEGION "Your Prayers Mean Nothing" LS L/XL                                    25.00    Full Color

DEAD55T          INFERNAL LEGION "Your Prayers Mean Nothing" T-shirt L/XL                               18.00    Full Color

DEAD24LS        JUDAS ISCARIOT “Thy Dying Light” Long Sleeve L/XL                                           25.00    White/Silver

DEAD24T          JUDAS ISCARIOT “Thy Dying Light” T-shirt L/XL                                                   18.00    White/Silver

DEAD21LS        JUDAS ISCARIOT “Distant in Solitary Night” Long Sleeve L/XL                               25.00    White

DEAD21T          JUDAS ISCARIOT “Distant in Solitary Night” T-shirt L/XL                                       18.00    White

DEAD52BLS     LEVIATHAN "Tentacles.../Wrest Photo" Long Sleeve L/XL                                     25.00                                                    Black/Grey/White

DEAD52BT        LEVIATHAN "Tentacles.../Wrest Photo" T-Shirt M/L/XL                                         18.00                                                    Black/Grey/White

DEAD59LS        SARGEIST "Logo" Long Sleeve  Large/ XL                                                           25.00    White/Grey

DEAD59T          SARGEIST "Logo" T-Shirt  Large/ XL                                                                   18.00    White/Grey

DEAD59H         SARGEIST "Logo" Hoodie Sweatshirt L/XL                                                           30.00    White/Grey

DEAD61T          SUMMON "Fallen" T-shirt  Large/X-Large                                                             18.00    Full Color

DEAD61LS        SUMMON "Fallen" Long-Sleeve  Large/Xl                                                             25.00    Full Color



7” EP Vinyl + Picture Disc 7” EP’s:

LOD001EP        LEGION OF DOOM "Chariots of Thunder" 7"EP                                                    6.00     

RSR0163EP      NECROPHAGIA/SIGH “Split” Picture 7" EP  Very Lim! Out now!                            6.00



POSTERS:        All Posters are Full Color:

DEAD62P         BLOOD RITUAL "Black Grimoire" 18" x 24" Color Poster  Rex CD art.                    5.00

DEAD61P         SUMMON "Fallen" 18" x 24" Color Poster  Petagno CD art, band photo.                 5.00



T-SHIRT SALE!!!!!!!!!!

(Please note: prices will be manually reduced by us during processing!)

DEAD27LS        FORNICATOR “Fornicator” Long Sleeve Medium,/Large/XL                        16.00    White/Red

DEAD27T          FORNICATOR “Fornicator” T-shirt Medium,/Large/XL                                 12.00    White/Red

DEAD36LS        GENOCIDE KOMMANDO “Black Metal Supremacy” Long Sleeve M/L/XL 16.00      White

DEAD36T          GENOCIDE KOMMANDO “Black Metal Supremacy” T-shirt M/L/XL            12.00    White

DEAD30T          WIND OF THE BLACK MOUNTAINS “Black Sun” T-Shirt M/L/XL                12.00    White/Silver

DEAD30LS        WIND OF THE BLACK MOUNTAINS “Black Sun” Long Sleeve M/L/XL        16.00    White/Silver




All CD’s on sale for$5.00 each, except where otherwise noted, while current supplies last!!! Most of these are great albums, but are older and/or out of print, and we no longer have room to warehouse them. None of these titles will be re-stocked, so order ‘em now or SUFFER!!! Please note: sale price will be manually given when we process your order!!!!

EVRCD1  ABHORRENCE "Evoking The Abomination" CD

POSH038 AMARAN "A World Deprived" CD $8.00

BLEED003 ANATOMY "The Witches Of Dathomir" CD

DSTK7662 ANATOMY "Where Angels Die" CD

FP0007    ANHKREHG " Lands of War " CD

TERA01   ARALLU "The War On The Wailing Wall" CD

COG014  ARCHANGELLUS "Magnus Ominis Umbra" CD

DARK11  ARISE FROM THORNS "Before an Audience of Stars" CD

SOL021   AUTUMN VERSES "Tunes Of Disconsolation" CD  $6.00

OLP014   BARBIE CAR "Schitzaphroid Paramedic" CD

DIFFD1002 BELTANE "The Fire Of Becoming" CD

BR03       BEYOND FATAL "Sanctuary In Misery" CD

TX4687    BLODEN WEDD "Raging Planet" CD


SRP13     BURIAL MOUND "Black Death" CD

OZ012     BURIED DREAMS "Perceptions" CD

SDP99104 BURNING INSIDE "The Eve Of The Entities" CD

STEEL63003  BURNING STARR "No Turning Back" CD

KP007      CARNAL DIAFRAGMA "Preparation Of The Patients …" CD

SC052     CENTURION "Non Plus Ultra" CD

FMP018   CENTURIAN "Of Purest Fire" MCD                          

KP008      CEREBRAL TURBULENCY "Impenetrable" CD

MIM7329D CHALICE "Celtic Cross/Shiralee + Text" Long Sleeve

MIM7329 CHALICE "Chronicles Of Dysphoria" CD

SOL032 CHANT "The Cynthia's Fire" CD


LDRF016 COMPOS MENTIS "Fragments of a Withered Dream" CD

DOOM001CORONATION "Ready To Feast" MCD$6.00

BR001     CORPSE "Mortal Terror" CD    $8.00

MIM7329A  CHALICE "Chronicles Of..." T-Shirt $12.00

MIM7329B  CHALICE "Chronicles Of..." Long Sleeve T-Shirt  $16.00

MIM7329C  CHALICE "Celtic Cross/Shiralee + Text" T-Shirt  $12.00      

MIM7329DCHALICE "Celtic Cross/Shiralee + Text" Long Sleeve$16.00

NC046     CURSE "Cursed Be Thy Name" MCD $8.00

DRR005   DAMNATION "Resist" CD

LEP004    DAMNATION "Reborn" CD

DFL4725 DARKEN "Darken" MCD

UG026     DEAD FOR DAYS "Creating Murderous Domain" CD $6.00

HHR051   DEAD SILENT SLUMBER "Entombed In” CD  $6.00


AV047     DEVIATED DAMAEN "Propedeutika Ad …." CD $6.00

XRR006   DESOLATE "Eventide Of The Orb And Heavens" CD

AV054     DIABLERIE "Seraphyde" Digi CD  $6.00

LEP049    DIES ATER "Through Weird Woods" CD

OZ014     DIES IRAE "Naive"CD

DSCD002DISSIDENCE " Oracles and Propheties" CD

EM005     DIVINE ENEMA "At The Conclave" CD

FP0006    DIVINE SYNDROME "Andar and the Curse of Azagath" CD

TW01       ECODALIA "Time Has Told" CD

LEP072    EISREGEN "Farbenfinsternis" CD

LEP037    EISREGEN "Krebskolonie" CD

LEP054    EISREGEN "Leichenlager" CD

LEP020    EISREGEN "Zerfall" CD

MIM7331  ELEGEION "Through The Eyes Of Regret" CD

DEEP1      ELYSIUM "Dremscapes" CD

LEP045    EMINENZ "The Blackest Dimensions" CD

GOI-02     ETERNAL MOURNING "Delusion & Dementia" CD

LFR314037 EVEMASTER "Wither" CD    $6.00

SM010     EVILWAR "Unholy March" CD

BTOD0114EVOL "Dies Irae" CD

UG023     FLESHGRIND "Destined for Defilement" CD

UG019     FLESHGRIND "Live In Germany" MCD

LEP073    FUNEBRIS "Triumph Of Everlasting Fire" CD

SHR024   GARDENS OF GEHENNA "Mortem Saluta" CD

PT044      GODDESS OF DESIRE "Conquerors Divine" CD

SOL030   GORBALROG "Untergang" CD $6.00

Posh013  GRIEF OF EMERALD "Nightspawn" CD

CON002   HELL-BORN "Hellblast" CD


UG010     INCESTUOUS "Brass Knukle Abortion" MCD

SRP05     INCINERATOR "Thrash Attack" MCD

MISK999  INQUISICION "Black Leather From Hell" CD

MIM7338  KARI "Pilot" CD $8.00

RSR-0144KOROVAKILL "Waterhells" CD

UG009     LIVIDITY "The Age Of Clitoral Decay" CD

DSTK7664 LONG VOYAGE BACK "Long Voyage Back" CD


DARK9    LONG WINTER'S STARE "The Tears of Odin's Fallen" CD

ROE013   LORDE OF ALL DESIRES "Scent of Malevolence" CD

TE017      LOVE HISTORY "Anasazi" CD

MOON035  LUNA AD NOCTUM "Dimness Profound" CD

FP0005    MAGISTER DIXIT "Pulsatory Paradigm" CD

431952    MALEVOLENCE "Martyrialized" CD

UG004     MALIGNANCY "Intrauterine Cannibalism" CD

UG011     MALIGNANCY "Motivated By Hunger" MCD

BTOD0318  MALIGNANCE "Regina Umbra Mortis" CD

TE014      MENTALHOME "Upon The Shores Of Lunar Sea's" CD

LEP071    MEPHISTOPHELES "Modern Instinct's Purity" CD

SM007     MISANTHROPE "Immortal Misanthrope" CD

TAT060   MONUMENTUM "Ad Nauseam" CD

PSDL9061 MURDER CORPORATION "Tagged and Bagged" CD

EXOB008 NAMTARU "The Plagues of Namtar" MCD


SOL012   NATTVINDENS GRAAT "Chaos Without Theory" CD

AV060     NECRODEATH "Fragments Of Insanity" CD

TX4775    NECROSIS "Enslaved To The Mases" CD

Posh027  NO RETURN "Self Mutilation" CD

GOI07      NORTHWIND "Cronicas De Aravon" CD

GOI-01     NORTHWIND "Viento Del Norte" CD

FP0004    NOVA FRANCIA "Discovery of a New Land"  CD

GOI03      NUMEN "Galdutako Itxaropenaren Eresia" CD


BAPH102 OCTINOMOS "Welcome To My Planet" CD

LF001      OMNIUM GATHERUM "Rectifying Human Rejection" CD

FP0003    ONTOS ON " Sombre Chaotic Entrance " CD

RAVEN005  ORPHANED LAND "The Beloved's Cry" CD

Posh034  PALE HORSE "Exit Mould" CD  $6.00

D0110      PERESHED "Seid" CD  $6.00


chapter13  POEMA ARCANUS "Iconoclast" CD


FMP028   PRIMIGENIUM "All Your Tears Will Be Ours" MCD

TX4705    PROTOTYPE "Trinity" CD

SP012      R.U. DEAD? "...Completely Dead" CD

BLCR7003  RAISON D' ETRE "Reflections from the Time of …." CD

Posh032  RECLUSION "Shell Of Pain" CD  $8.00


MIM7330  ROK "Burning Metal" CD  $8.00              

CDN007   ROTTING "The Forgotten" CD

Chapter14RUNEMAGICK "Requiem Of The Apocalypse" CD

STEEL63014   SACRED RITE "Rites of Passage Volume I" CD

STEEL63015   SACRED RITE "Rites of Passage Volume II" CD

LEP055    SHINING OF KLIFFOTH "Twilight Of Sehemeah" CD

FR002      SICKNESS "Verbrannte Erde" CD

SM006     SKYFIRE "Timeless Departure" CD

Posh012  SOILWORK "Steelbath Suicide" CD  $8.00

BTR014   SOLITUDE AETURNUS "Into the Depths of …" CD$8.00

ROE019   SOMNUS "Awakening The Crown" CD

MMM1422 SPASME " Deep Inside " CD

HELL772820   STONEGE "Voyage of Endless Time" CD

Posh024  SYMBYOSIS "Crisis" CD

Posh022  SYMBYOSIS "The Fluid" MCD

ROE027   THEATRE OF THE MACABRE "A Paradise In Flesh …" CD

SCR001   THORNAFIRE "Mortus Tenebrae Surrectus" CD


PP003      TON "Blind Follower/Point of View" CD

BLP036    TU CARNE "...Me Quedo Con Tu Dolor!" CD  $6.00

DC012     TUNRIDA "Era 2001" CDr (limited 300)    $6.00

HP01        V/A "Seattle Metal Fest Vol. 2 2003 Compilation" 2xCD$8.00

STEEL63012   V/A "True Metal Triumphant" Vol. 1 CD

FU003      VENEFICUM "Dysphoria" CD

RSR-0140VIOLATION "Moonlight's Child" CD

ROE022   WALHALLA "Firereich" CD

XRR003   WITCH-HUNT "Souls Enshrouded Fire" CD


RSR-0148 WURDULAK/GORELORD "Creature Feature" MCD


1. Payment methods: We accept All Major Credit Cards (Visa/Mastercard/AmEx/Discover), Money Orders/I.M.O.’s in U.S. currency (payable to Moribund records), Canadian Money Order’s in US$ (must include $3.00 extra), and Registered or Well Concealed Cash. We are not responsible for cash lost on-route to Moribund, so we recommend money orders, as the postal system is not entirely honest. We no longer accept checks. Do not send coins, and no C.O.D.’s.

2. Postage/shipping: U.S.- You can have your order mailed Priority mail (2-3 day avg.), Media mail (3-7 day avg.) or UPS (3-9 day avg., tracked): Priority mail and UPS- $3.85 for the first item, $1.00 for each additional item , except books, LPs and Longsleeve t-shirts which are $3.85 each item/ Media mail- $2.00 for the first item, $0.50 for each additional item (CD, LP/7”, and Books only. It is against Postal Regulation to ship other items via media mail!). CANADA AND MEXICO - $4.00 for the first item, $1.50 for each additional item, except books, LPs, videos and Longsleeve T-shirts which are $5.00 for each item. EUROPE & SOUTH AMERICA - add $4.00 for each CD/demo/7”EP/magazine, $5.00 for each Book/Video/T-shirt, and $9.00 for 1st LP, $4.00 for each additional LP. REST OF WORLD - add $5.00 for each CD/demo/7”EP/magazine, $6.00 for each Book/Video/T-shirt, and $10.00 for 1st LP, $5.00 for each additional LP.  NOTE: 2xCD and 2xLP count as DOUBLE (2-CD’s or 2-LP’s) for shipping due to weight!!! Posters will be folded and placed in with your order. We can mail posters separately in a tube for $4.50 US / $8.50 World. ALL INTERNATIONAL ORDERS ARE SENT 1ST CLASS AIR MAIL! Moribund Records are not liable for packages lost or stolen in the mail once we have shipped your order. For guaranteed delivery of your package you must select UPS shipping option or one of the special services below for Delivery Confirmation or Registered Service. For replacement of a lost package you must have insurance (see below).

3. Special Services: To register your package add $7.25 to your total. If you have problems with your mail delivery (US) or live in a country with bad postal service (ie. Mexico/South America/Poland etc.) We recommend you register your package, as many are lost/stolen without it. US customers- delivery confirmation is also available for $1.00 (Free with Priority mail shiping!), but will not replace your package. We can insure your package up to a $100 value for only $3.00. This will guarantee replacement of your order if it is damaged, lost, or stolen by the postal service. Foreign customers- you must register your package for postal guarantee of delivery. Special/Separate billing- Foreign customers (especially Canada & Europe), to avoid customs/douane seizing your package and charging you taxes, we can declare a low value on the “Green Tag” customs slip and mail your Real invoice in a separate Airmail Letter for $1.50. Alternatively, we can e-mail you your invoice for free (please ask on your orderform)!

4. All orders are shipped out within 3 day’s of our receiving them, unless an item is out of stock and you did not list alternate list alternates!!! Only send order’s to our OFFICE ADDRESS!!! We only check our P.O. Box twice each month, sending your order there will create a delay in processing.

5. Returns: If you receive a defective item you may return it for the same item only!! We will not exchange an item because you didn’t know what you were buying, and don’t like true underground Black, Death, Grind, Metal, Ambient music!!

6. Call with your Credit Card (10 A.M. to 11 P.M. PST M-F, 11 A.M. to 8 P.M. PST Sat & Sun), order securely online at and click Armory, Fax, or Mail your order to our address below. If you have any questions, or want to check on stock/new arrivals etc. call, write or E-mail us (just because were Evil does not mean we're not friendly and polite. Unless, ofcourse, you’re an idiot, and then well let you know)!! We get new titles daily!! If there is a new album you’re looking for, we probably have it IN STOCK already!!! Check with us first before ordering from some Corporate entity or unreliable rip-off company!

MORIBUND RECORDS: 530-A 19th Street, Port Townsend WA 98368, USA.
Phone: 360.379.3649    Fax: 360.385.4696    E-mail: - Extreme Satanic Stronghold! Armory Webstore!

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