Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Major Hardon

Bill Daily played Major Healey on I Dream of Jeannie, and boy, he sure did! Even though he would date a variety of very sexy ladies, he always had a cock rocket "Major Hardon" for Jeannie, as did the majority of the heterosexual male populace. After all, she's quite a fantasy! A beautiful girl who absolutely adores her master, and would do anything for him! She even had a luscious brunette sister {also named "Jeannie"}* who was willing to get in on the action! She could zap up any number of hot & horny gals for his own personal harem without any of the needless guilt or jealousy issues! An ideal ECI sinsation, no doubt replicated with likened costuming and makeup from the Halloween & fetish aisle!

I'm sure when AHC's are modeled after certain characters, she'll be one of them! in fact, she sort of is for someone! In the meantime, "This Ain't I Dream of Jeannie XXX" parody sinemaerotica can be found on Hustler Parodies. But chances are, a bit of "angelust" still holds up the flag!

* Witchunt! Akin to Samantha Stevens' deviliciously sassy sister Serena, credited as "Pandora Spocks".

Tags: ahc, androids, bewitched, erotica, evocation, fantasy, halloween, letharginator, pleasures of the flesh, rip, satanasutra, satantra, sex, sexuality, sinemaerotica, toys

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