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GospHell: Natural Born Atheists

All are born natural Atheists. In most cases imbued with everything Nature bestowed to live a productive, pleasurable life, according to one's instincts and abilities, along with a healthy selfishness to acquire desirable items of interest, to share as one wills.

Many are then programmed with unnecessary doctrines of blindlight deceit and convenience, upon what is deemed "acceptable" in the eyes of those who created them, who thereby profit from the gullible. Most become dependent on these programmed ideals and fabricated opinions to be processed through "the system", while the few potent individualists pursue rational self-interest which propagates personal evolution, and self-creation.

Academic instruction should be taught without theocratic influence, concentrating on Science in all branches instead. Creation with utmost potential and tools to manifest personal visions. Ethics [philosophical, intelligence-based] should be taught in the home, or religious "morals" {mandates} if any, kept in the temple, church, synagogue, etc., brainwashing subhuman herd masses, inquired only if curiosity about any particular belief is demonstrated, otherwise in an historical context only, & leave well enough alone to allow for natural curiosity and exploration, safely pursued. And let stratification balance & filter levels of worthiness.

Atheism is the first step; as one evolves towards sovereignty, no god/s above or below. To stand proudly with the strength of Lucifer Himself against tyranny, or anything that would deem or dare hamper one's Path, forged in Hellfire.

Tags: anti-xian, antichrist, antixian, blindlight, blindlighters, christianity, christinsanity, dracisms, fundamentalism, fundamentalists, metaphor, philosophy, psychodrama, psychology of religion

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