Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Nebrew race-baiting blindlight cult



These are nothing more than race-baiters with a notion that they are fighting the "white devil" to justify exaggerated victim mentality, and are apparently unable to cooperate in an intelligent interchange without resorting to caveman-like behavior, such as screaming over others with a differing educated opinion, preferring instead to scream out-of-context scriptures in an attempt to validate neo-ecclesiastical pseudo-intellectualism, all based in outmoded mytheology. Though just about any reference can be distilled to mistranslate and use as a manipulative device.

The race card is always presented when an erstwhile organization of malcontents & losers have nothing better to do than harp upon that which they themselves had nothing to do with, thus maintaining stasis, and not evolving towards higher comprehension.

This cult amounts to not much more than a negro KKK, the other side of the coin, like a mere reactionary faction based upon practically identical modus operandi & tenets, not a proactionary organization that actually contributes something to the world. They attempt to intimidate, these blowhards who dress up like Seracins & Moors; who may actually find a more comfortable place with Muslims, for their overall knuckle-dragging attitudes & inclinations! And we know Vlad Tepes would have none of that!

Their primary concentration is on the Old Testament & Revelations, which holds much of the same warfare attitudes as The Koran, which is not only xenophobic, but typically misogynistic. They even have the amusing nerve to consider preachers from other denominations white devils preaching the word of God!

Now, the archetype, urban legend of "Jesus" developed out of Jewish mythological characterizations*, being more akin to "dark-skinned" {tanned like Arabs & Jews}, "wooly-haired" {probably dreadlocked}, desert & beach-dwelling schizophrenic vagrant with a messianic complex, convincing simpletons into his masochistic cult.

So these claim to be descendants of Israelites whom they allege were actually negroes, yet Israel is in the Middle East, while scholars & Sorcerers like Solomon have written about having traveled beyond Egypt to have witnessed those residing therein, as distinctly apart from himself & environment.

Again, the only true evolution is that which is accomplished through MERIT. No matter the irrelevancies like race, gender, or sexual preference, the cream will rise to the top in whatever endeavor without such crutches of the weak. The continual use of certain racial terminology only perpetuates the problem of needless antagonism.

Of course, the only reason they even malfunction on any level is because they, along with all these other parasitic miseries, don't pay taxes. If they actually had to pay for their soapboxes, they wouldn't even exist!

Being an I-Theist, one can proudly state that one doesn't care about any of that, preferring self-determination & Autonomy, free to make one's decisions as one sees fit, to indulge in what may, accessing, exercising, & embodying The Shadow within oneself, without any consideration of some figment from someone else's imagination.

Hail Vlad The Just! Hail Satan!
* Unless you believe the Dead Sea Scrolls, who claimed that he & his mother were actually from France, and stole away with Jesus back to the South of France after waking up from a death-like slumber engendered by a sleep potion. Or the Mormons who believe this character traveled all over the world to teach his 'gospel' in those years until returning to Jerusalem to be crucified.

  • Nebrew: "Negro Hebrew". Now, the closest thing to that is Sammy Davis Jr.! But any race can join the jewish religion and consider themselves jews, despite 'purists'/racists.
  • Psalms, Song of Solomon.

    Black Mass

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