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Ring Hell's Bell!


Satan represents indulgence, instead of abstinence!
I Satanic Statement

This vile canard had been circulating here and there, and thought The Devil should address this. It goes as follows:

"To girls who masturbate: The Clitoris is not meant for self-pleasure. It's meant for creating a child, you morons. Do you know why you feel like garbage after you masturbate? That's because your clitoris is sending bad chemicals to your brain. By touching yourself, you are killing your body.

That's the devil's doorbell and if you keep pressing it, soon enough he will answer."

That's a terrible lie from the fetid heavens! The same type of judeo-xian-islamic theocracy-fueled attitude that would justify & encourage genital castration & mutilation! Bris milah is not too much better!

Obviously written by some sad self-hating prude, who desperately needs to get laid; and since they are miserably repressed, attempt to make everyone else around them like themselves as well. Indeed, the clitoris has evolved to become the primary sexual pleasure center / erogenous zone of the female anatomy. In which sense, the term "Devil's Doorbell" is appropriate, whose very purpose is to illicit pleasure, enhancing coital activity to be a luxurious indulgence tapped into as often as possible.

Dialing The Number of The Beast

It could be posited that the door number outside the doorway is a 666 & 9, 6669, and/or the traditional 69* as in manipulations in circular motions to stimulate the desired outcum.

By the way, it is the uterus that is meant to create a child, not the clitoris, whose purpose is pleasure, so when The Devil answers, that's an orgasm, and everyone loves that!

* Pisces, Libra; The Lovers; The Devil - The Lovers accepting their natural carnality, with the knowledge of The Flesh, reveling in their fetishes at the trapezoidal base. "Sinning" well in Hell at Satan's Throne!

Tags: 666, 9, erotica, indulgence, metaphor, number of the beast, pleasures of the flesh, psychology, satanasutra, satantra, seduction, sensuality, sexology, sexuality

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