Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Reminiscing [bored game]

R e m i n i s c i n g
TDC Games

Played the "Reminiscing" board game recently, and found it to be primarily focused on Politics & sports, with some music, TV, & film references, though quite obscure, like you really had to be there paying attention to herd programmed preoccupations. You have to think like Meathead Mike from All In The Family here. Even if one may have been there at the time, the trivia booklets spanning 1940-1970 is still rather particular and needlessly detailed, on some sponsor of a gala event, etc., kind of ridiculous.

Of this single play thusfar, no references to The Addams Family, Munsters, Dark Shadows, Bewitched, Twilight Zone, Night Gallery, The Outer Limits, Batman, or even The Brady Bunch encountered, but plenty references to Watergate, terrorist factions, hippies, & other trendy topics of the era.

Yet what really saved the game for Me, granting an extra point, is probably one of the coolest questions numbered 666 from the "1970's": Among the clues offered are "She has ruby red lips", "raven hair" "sparks fly from her fingertips" - none other than Eagles' "_____________".

Items included are two mini die, one black & one red, and three pegs. One progresses according to the sum of the toss. The board is constructed with two punctured lanes which travel along a rectanglar path with choice indications from the stated decades, and even one Player's Choice option. There's also a booklet of random questions in which the player shares personal experiences according to the subject matter mentioned.

To make the game educational as well as exponentially increase the fun dynamic, I recommend playing with Wizzo [phone, laptop, or PC] at the ready, to call up whatever references in the game on the interweb superhighway, as well playing for stakes of money &/or sexual favors.


Tags: 666, addams family, batman, bewitched, dark shadows, erotica, games, munsters, past orthodoxies, pleasures of the flesh, product review, retro, retroprogression, retrospective, sex, time travel, timeless orthodoxies, timelessness, trivia, witches

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