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An ACI Darketype

It is interesting to see where the characteristics of Darth Vader have derived. It is obviously a Nazi helmet being worn by a skull {always associated with Evil; the breathing apparatus resembles teeth, the black tinted eye goggles are sockets, the striations & bulbous headpiece resemble a crown}, along with the black billowing Dracula cape, or Reaper impression, not to mention the more subtle elements like the trapezoid mouth.

Interestingly enough, My first "Baphomet" was a Vader Head pendant medallion worn by The Dracling, eventually yielding to a silver Cornicello {Italian Horn}. The latter {now recognized as Satan's horn*, or phallus} was touted for good fortune and protection, while the former {an ultimate Villain & self alignment} was My intense appreciation for the STAR WARS trilogy at the time, yet upon retrospect, all is revealed as being ultimately diabolically influential. Of course, I eventually discovered The Baphomet pentagram medallion at The Private Eye shortly after Satanic realization, and it is cherished, while I've since possessed versions from sources like The Emporium.

* Intriguingly, the 'Book of Daniel' contains a passage about "little horn" being The Antichrist.

A.C.I.: Aesthetic Crystallization Inertia. The period in one's life where the image of a villain, hero, or an otherwise character visually influences a person to adopt a similar visage. Also refers to the preference of certain environments. Some people may develop several in their lifetime. It is commonly referred to as a "type".
Darketype: Archetypal iconography of a darkened nature in either aesthetics , and/or symbolic, or philosophical form.

Tags: aesthetics, antichrist, archetypes, autobiography, diary, dracling, dractionary, dracumentary, films, infernal progeny, movies, retroprogression, retrospective, spechtreum, spotlight, vader, villains

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