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Satan's "Fall" 2

Autumnal Asks II ~>

Hay Ride
Where have you always wanted to travel? The Mediterranean ancestral homelands. Paranormal Power centers of The Black Earth.
Pumpkin Carving
Are you artistic? I think so. See The Shadow Gallery Book & Calendar.
Soft Scarves
What’s a talent that you hide from the world? Orchestrations with My middle cranial horn. Can also orally initiate multiple orgasms via cunnilingus. Am Myself multi-orgasmic as well.
Jack and Sally
What’s your love language/what makes you feel loved? Body language, flirtation, ECI, Law of The Forbidden. Tender kisses upon appendage along with fellatio.
Tell us about your fave autumn outfit! Black leather trenchcoat, pants, shirt, vest, boots, perhaps with bloodred scarf.
What’s your fave Halloween movie or tv special? The films I tend to watch may be considered Halloweenish by others, but these are presentations I tend to watch all year round. Specifically Samhain / Autumnal, however, I would have to say The Halloween Tree & Halloween with The Addams Family, The Munsters Revenge. Both offer Halloween traditions which are relatable, relative, and applicable. The Nightmare Before xmas.
Apple Cider
What’s your favourite drink? Iced coffee, cherry soda. Liquor: Stella Artois & Logan Fils Absinthe {tends to be the elixir of choice}.
Do you practice witchcraft? YES. Absolutely! Very often. "My soul swims in it". Made of it.
What makes you smile on bad days? Good Sex, food, drink, workout. Contemplating the torture & degradation of those accursed who have crossed Me.
Suede Boots
Do you like going for walks? Yes, Nocturnal Constitutionals to the local graveyard. A walk on the beach on an overcast day would be nice as well.
Candy Corn
Give us an unpopular opinion: Stratification. Not everyone is equal. Satanists are the highest embodiment of life!
Trick or Treat
Tell us a fun fact! I'll tell you two fun-ereal facts! "Coffin birth" is when a female corpse pushes out the fetus by expanding internal gases. "Angel Lust" is an erection displayed by a male corpse.
What makes you feel safe? The Noctuary. My Magic. SATAN. The Infernal Alignment.
Harry Potter
What Hogwarts House are you in? SLYTHERIN, naturally.
Pumpkin Spice Latte
What’s your usual Starbucks order? Iced Caramel Macchiato.
Golden Leaves
What do you find most beautiful? The graceful aesthetics of a nubile body, Nature. Gothic, Metal, & Devil girls. Gothic Victorian Mansions. Satanic Altar. The Noctuary. Diabolical automobiles.
Too Spooky
Do you like horror movies? YES. Live it. I wrote a Misfits-style song called "Living In A Horror Movie".
Crisp Air
What moment changed your life the most? Discovering The Satanic Bible & realization. Joining The Church of Satan, Warlock elevation. Satanic Baptism. First orgasm. Sex.
Sweater Weather
What’s your favourite type of weather? Stormy, foggy, windy.
Bundled Up
Ideal date? Watching horror movies, occult documentaries, Satanic Sickies, listening to Black Metal, drinking libations, feasting, upon My Draconian Throne, in My Gothic Satanic Noctuary environment with Goth/Demon Girls.
What will you be for Halloween this year? SATAN. ∞

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