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Monster Mashers


Sampled this triple meal recently, $3 each {bacon, jalapeno, chicken}, adding up to a deviliciously delightful $9.

What initially drew My attention was the commercial, featuring a Vampire, Werewolf, Mummy, & Frankenstein. The Vampire brushing his fangs is a familiar dynamic, but does Count Dracula snore? {One would think no, considering He would pretty much have to keep quiet so as to remain hidden in his chamber without alerting "hunters" & "slayers" to his whereabouts!}; so being that it is near Halloween, I decided to "treat" Myself to these confections - plus, being that corned beef is a favorite meat, I do appreciate some corned beef hash! Jack has had a great record so far, especially in the variety of selections, from eggrolls to noodles to onion rings to tacos & burritos. The $6 mealboxes have been remarkable, with a quintessence of 3 varieties to choose from, so another prefect triumvirate of 666, these become veritable Feasts of The Beast! Plus these are available after dark, all night long, from Dusk 'til Dawn, as it were, perfect for those creatures of the night to partake!

Along with the $3 "Monster Mashers" boxes, I had the spicy sriracha burger, with a side of fries, onion rings, eggrolls, & Dr. Pepper. Pretty damned good, but still not a match for Carl's Diablo Burger! In which case one may have to possess a Diablo Burger right after acquiring Mashers! I had done something like this before when eating Wendy's 'chili bowl' with an In 'N' Out' Double-Double Urge!

Drac In The Box

I had suggested that during the Falloween season, Jack In The Box should be renamed "Drac In The [Hell] Box", but this is an amusing alternative. Besides it carrying various nefarious, enjoyably salacious double-entendres. The retrovolutionary aesthetic total environment application should be preserved in its original, superior glory, with actual Jack heads on springs emerging from the box on the major sign, perhaps with various expressions and decorations, like fangs and horns; and actually speaking with a facsimile at the ordering menu of the drive-thru, resplendent characters Jack, Onion Ring Thing, Small Fry, Der Hamburger Meister and Secret Sauce Agent, all for that extra Magical charm in the whole fun experience. Although I do like the black trapezoid roof.

Tags: 666, 9, adventure, aesthetics, black earth, dining, food, halloween, nocturnal, number of the beast, retroprogression, snackrifice, total environment, travel

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