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So the Brady House has been sold to someone with 'unlimited resources' {Alvin Schwarz?}, and taken away from a member of poptards 'NSYNC'. I hope that whomever it is, maintains its iconic exterior, and perhaps even recreates the Brady environment, maybe even make it a Brady Bunch museum to the show [Purchased by HGTV] - the dark earthy colors should be restored, wood paneling, as well as cobblestone edifices. I've always preferred The Brady Bunch over the Partridge Family and The Monkees {but fornever over The Addams' or The Munsters! Or Bewitched for that matter}, yet still it has always evoked a particular charm and provided a balancing element which complements the totality of entertainment fare.

The interior was never used on the show, those were on a studio set. Plus, I've always had a 'thing' for Marcia...* as it happens, the cast went to school & the show was made not too far from My hometown, so there's no telling what happened if I ran in to her...

* Marcia! Marcia! Marcia! What it would sound like as I pound into her! Now that the others are of legal "age", throw them in as well!

* UPDATE: Brady House restoration/preservation. SO IT IS DONE!

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