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As a small bit of practice in some of the basic training of The Ninja for practical applications, is this simple exercise in balance. Whatever you do and wherever you go on a given day, even just getting ready for an outing to wherever, consider not using your hands to balance the activity, unless of course as a very last resort to keep from falling.* This eventually leads to more advanced surfaces, tools, and altitudes.

All the time, let the only thing that touches the floor be the soles of your feet, and movements to be graceful, quick, and quiet. The Ninja ideally leaves no tracks, and otherwise materials used mimic surfaces traversed for stealth.

Imagine yourself on a secret mission within a castle where you must remain undetected at all costs, otherwise you will be found out where you may have to fight for your life and abort the mission.

Also whereupon in crossed legs seated position, endeavor to stand up from right where you sit, again not using arms or hands to stand, and subsequently quicker each time. You will find that in both cases, the practice will become increasingly easier.

~ Sinsei Blackthorne
Black Draegon Dogym

* slipping on socks, shoes, tabis, for instance. Instead of leaning on anything for support, balance entirely upon one leg.

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