DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

¿Satanic Gospel?

Satanic Gospell

"Satanic Gospel", or perhaps "GospHell", would consist of music that we find inspiring, evocative, and illustrates our lifestyle. For instance, we could very well have the above selection playing in The Ritual Chamber either before, during, or after a ceremony or ritual - that which would complement the theme of the rite, and motivate emotionalizing. It could vary according to individual and purpose, though the above audio & visual selection tends to be an ideal representation of The Satanic Lifestyle.


From film soundtracks to bands, to play scores & evocative shows. I retain a personal list of appreciated sources on SHADOWMANTIUM called Dracommendations linked from the following pages, in the genres of Malefick Musick & Spechtreum {films}, as well as literature.

Magus LaVey frequently played that which he found Magical and complementary to his lifestyle and memories, illustrating his world as he saw fit, as does Magus Gilmore. My gospel is the carnal, demonic music from The Pits of Hell from several genres, as The Devil can indeed be found everywhere, though depending upon mood & purpose, My personal preference tends to be more of the Horror, macabre, & diabolically-oriented productions. Like listening to demonic forces emanating from The Possessed, & glimpses in the realms of Hell!

Tags: addams family, anton lavey, anton szandor lavey, classical, dracommendations, films, heavy metal, horror, lavey, literature, magus gilmore, malefick musick, metal, midnight syndicate, movies, nox arcana, philosophy, satanism, spechtreum

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