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Diogenes of The Valley

Bellicose, pugnacious, cantankerous, truculent

diogenes of the valleyBecause I'm not absolutely certain what the exact day is of the donor's birthday, only that it is somewhere between the 20th-25th of January, I post this missive with one of the only acknowledgements and relativity I can associate with this creature. Though he has a master's degree, and arrived in this country {from Bolivia, named after Spanish settlement founder Simón Bolívar} via academic study with the Jesuits, bringing three 1/2 siblings & mother[1] with him, he currently resides in a mental institution, and was previously homeless on purpose![2]. I have actively avoided him since Draclinghood for this reason.

The reason for the video is his penchant to recycle excessively to the point of walking the streets with a shopping cart scraping up whatever scraps he finds. My major recollections of any associations with him involved spending sometimes hours at recycling centers he went to all over LA, expecting me to be his little companion in these unliked endeavors, which is when I began actively avoiding him at all costs when he would attempt to virtually kidnap me from Hair Curl Beauty Salon where Ma worked; from hiding in the bathroom to hiding Myself all over Laurel/Valley plaza in nooks & crannies, the UA theater, department stores Woolworth's, Sears, Bullocks, always on the move, only settling to play video games or watching shows on the television monitors therein.

So one day when I saw this record in My collection, this song was instantly identifiable as his, though without any of the lovable or charming qualities whatsoever. A thoroughly unpleasant character in just about every way. Personifying everything annoying, disgusting, & miserable. One should not suffer that which disturbs one's peace of mind. Whatever cerebral faculties have been damaged dealing with pride, dignity, or honor, frequently lapsing into embarrassing activities, public humiliation, etc. So NO THANK YOU.

Overall, he would bring nothing but shame to the noble Ancestral line, and is thus shunned. In one disturbing bit of news, Dracovum divulged that perhaps the only reason she ever procreated with him at all was due to being RAPED. Otherwise, she was avoiding the lout as well during his stalking of her when she was attending Marinello School of Beauty. Her religious indoctrination bade her to remain, even going as far as The Vatican to balance the scales of sin.

Even Dracovum agreed when he was identified as veritable Diogenes. Yet still a very close proximity to the nazarene. While he in fact identified as that, referring to the scripture [Matt 8:20/Luke 9:58] mentioning that the "son of man" has nowhere to lay his head, being a vile, brainbaked fish-stinking beach bum {no wonder the fish is symbolic!}, who was probably mostly compulsively intoxicated with any number of substances, from marijuana, wine, and hallucinogens. Hardly a role model for excellence, yet heralded by the peasant & the weak of mind. So the god of the assholes can have the whole stinking mess, from whence it was excreted!

[1] Who themselves seem products of local Nobility procreating with servants, perhaps with 3 different fathers, which was very likely the reason grandma loca was reviled over there, riddled with scandal, disgrace, etc., taking the first opportunity to leave the country, probably from pressure by local politicians to hide the defamation. The so-called "twins" auntixian & uncle weasel do not resemble one another whatsoever, nor does gomer. Plus, incest seems to run in that family as well.
[2] Divulged during a curiosity inquiry; who may actually be there due to the efforts of Auntiexian, or was just ruled in court that he was not fit to stand trial. My supposition is that he made a scene during trial, found in contempt to court and sent to that facility to either recuperate to eventually stand trial, or remain until deemed appropriate to release.

Tags: anti-xian, antichrist, antixian, blindlighters, christianity, christinsanity, dracling, dracumentary, fundamentalists, infernal progeny

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