DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Morning carnal fruition

When one awakens with an erection, besides it being a perfect opportunity for one's lover to partake, thus awakening with a wonderful experience to start the night/day on a wonderful note, but is also significant of a sort of alarm that the sleep process has completed, sort of like the completion of a microwave's ring. Thus, one emerges refreshed, ideal for sexual activity, ideal for the plunging and savoring, with s/he ready for the blossoming partaking.

Stages of Satantric Awakening
Lovers according to preference

IA. 69: Fellatio/Cunnilungus. One upon the other in mutual gratification. Mutual savoring of seed & natural lubricant. Unholy Cummunion & Baptismal Aspergent.
IB. Analingus: Either simultaneous with I {3 or more}, &/or shifting to initiate on back or belly. Unholy Sacrament.
II. Introitus: Lovers one to another as desired, prosthetic &/or actual appendage.

Tags: diary, erotica, pleasures of the flesh, satanasutra, sex, sexology, sexuality

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