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{XXXVIII A.S. Directed by Ang Lee. Starring Eric Bana,  Jennifer Connelly}

"That which does not destroy Me, makes Me Stronger." - Frederick Nietzsche.

That quote could very well be The Hulk's motto, for no matter what is levelled against him, he grows stronger with increasing rage. The Hulk is another Marvel character I have enjoyed since peering into the pages of comic book legendry and watching the series with Lou Ferrigno {who also briefly appears herein}, and I must say that this film does him justice. in My opinion. Ironically, Dr. Bruce Banner just wants to be left alone, yet antagonists repeatedly attempt to get a rise out of him, to their horror.

The Hulk/Bruce Banner dichotomy definitely exemplifies the were-creature of The Id, at odds with himself, instead of accepting and controlling his own darkside, which in the comics, he eventually does accomplish. We also see this symbology in the characters of Dr. Jeckyl & Mr. Hyde, and of course, The Werewolf. If these emotions are seen as natural proclivities, balance is attained, thus expressing them in constructive ways.

The CGI kinematics are very well done, flowing gracefully and believably - yet the question remains, how does The Hulk attain those purple pants? At no time does Banner wear purple pants, yet they appear mysteriously every time. But I digress. The Hulk presented here is an absolutely inhumanly large creature, sometimes growing to about 12" tall, his massive frame supplemented as his adrenaline increases.

I thought one of the most impressive scenes was during the mutant dog battle, as he heroically saves his love interest Betty from their fearsome jaws, and the desert sequences when he jumps miles across land, and in San Francisco - the savage beast is quelled by the gentle hands of the lovely girl, whose father is a general persuing him relentlessly through desert and urban environments, using everything from tanks to fighter planes, which The Hulk tosses about like toys.

Banner's father appears as an unassuming janitor working at the lab, released after years of government captivity, with a chip on his shoulder, and is intent on gaining revenge for his incarceration. His opportunity arrives when he uses the solution combined with Gamma Radiation to acquire his own powers of melding with whatever object he touches, and absorbing energy, which proves to be just too much for him when he and The Hulk lock together during the final battle scene.

Unfortunately, Banner must seclude himself from his beloved Betty for her safety, and dissappears into the world, but a force such as this cannot be contained forever, manifesting when angered again.

Rating: 5/5.


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