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Friday the 13th Witches


Friday 13 Witches
Wicked Witches preparing forthcoming Halloween Rites of Darkness, & for Friday the 13th.

Behold! Satan brings forth two primary manifestations of the Witch archetype.

Mother: Here is presented Elder Witch Devila on the left, who radiates the Sentiment dynamic, though will establish balance if needs be. Her mind is full with knowledge & wisdom of The Earth, whose denizens arise to accompany her, and whose familiars emerge as sentinels, whom she herself has raised from the infernal bowels of her enchanted garden. Upon her robe she bears the images of her delight - the arts & sciences of 'hortocculture', the knowledge of herbs, the demonseeds which gestate upon root and vine, bush and tree, flourishing to help and harm, nourish and bury.

Consort [ECI]: Next, Enchantress & Succubus Witch Sinistra comes forth from the shadows of The Devil's cloak, simultaneously presenting the Sex & Fear dynamic, her lovely leg upraised in a gesture of mounting the phallic broomstick as The Devil's steed to take flight in ecstasy & fancy. She bears the fetishes, weaving the sights & scents of seduction, gratification of the senses, as Lilith, Queen of Delights.

Tags: aesthetics, art, friday 13th, friday the 13th, halloween, psychodrama, ritual, shadow gallery, witchcraft, witches

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