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HELL vs. heaven / EVIL vs. good

MORBID ANGEL: Kingdoms DisdainedSTRYPER: Godamnedevil

Contrast & Compare...

Reminds Me of a Metal magazine which featured a hypothetical 'Hell vs. Heaven, SLAYER vs. stryper {a xtard novelty band*}, Evil vs. "good"' scenario, that was confiscated by Satan Sleuth & cronies in Highschool. This publication had the following bloody, badass Slayer photo on top, with some pollyanna stryper glossy on the bottom. There was also a Hit Parader that pitted Stryper against W.A.S.P. as well {as if!}, but the end result would have been pretty much the same.

* There was a girl in one of My classes who practically worshiped them, with shirts, patches, playing their music in her earphones, etc., who was shocked to learn I Am a Satanist! Whereupon reading one of My poems, especially the Declaration of Doom & Proclamation of Doom prose diatribes, her stomach turned and went dizzy, then had nightmares several times afterwards. She foolishly tried to "challenge" Me at this point, to which I merely toyed with her but gave her a Hex. She would eventually severely burn her leg on the exhaust pipe of a motorcycle, deforming her flesh to the point that she thenceforth walked with a limp, developed an ossuary condition, had a miscarriage, had another child taken away from her by social services, developed a heavy drug addiction, and became involved in an abusive relationship. I think she received the "proof" of Satan's Power she requested...!

The black & white cover looked like this:

_____________[ T I T L E ]_____________

Interestingly enough, from the photo image which appeared briefly in a Satanic Panic presentation's Heavy Metal segment, the magazine was displayed with a tear between the two top & bottom halves.

The hypocritical irony of derision over phallic symbolism throughout this blindlight subculture is belied by some of the subconscious displays presented, the above image for instance, and precisely where the word DEVIL is positioned in the background!

Just for the Hell of it, here are a couple of interviews with Slayer and stryper... again, contrast & compare...

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