Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

I'll be your phallentine!

I sometimes listen in to catch C2C and some other interesting shows and playlists when on the go.

The IHeart logo looks like a penis penetrating an oraphice perfectly positioned within a heart, which are of course, inverted buttocks/breasts/gonads*, or the view of certain activity from beneath {as the mind perceives images inversed, thus associating with a particular impression}; while the transmission lines emulate striations.

It could also be seen as a candle flickering within a heart, a Love/Lust Spell.

* While overtly granting the impression of lips.

Related: Lupercalia.
Q. What do you call a black prostitute with braces?
A. A Black & Decker pecker wrecker!

Tags: #39;s laughter, diary, entertainment, erotica, indulgence, loki's laughter, lust, malefick media, malefick musick, pleasures of the flesh, podcast, psychology, radio, sex, sexuality, sinemaerotica, symbolism

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