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Nefarious find

On the way to the printers, I decided to stop by a little store which looked rather interesting to Me, and upon perusing, found an amazing and large trapezoid pot candle, the only one in the store, so I picked it up, considering it 'infernal providence', and this in the wake of Walpurgisnacht, and shall be used well for Our holiday festivities. It now rests perfectly on The Draconian Altar of Satan, charging with diabolic energy, and is certainly gaining its own ominous presence, complimenting the nefarious atmosphere herein quite potently. HS!

* It is amusing to note the reactions of the herd to the presence of a Satanist - in this instance, but is rather common anyway, the teller seemed to shrink away from the cash register and would not meet My gaze - like struck by an overwhelming feeling of dread.


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