Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Ha-ba-Ñero... Hell-a-peño...


A veritable Succubus partakes to the tune of Motley Crue's Shout At The Devil.

El DIABLO Thick Burger
Carl's Jr. Ingredients: charbroiled beef patty, cheesy jalapeno poppers, habanero bacon ranch sauce, bacon, jalapenos and pepper jack cheese on a Premium Bun.

Carl Baphomet

Meat "Carl" {a veritable confectionery "Baphomet"}, the indulgent & well-fed happy Pentagram both encompassing the V/Pentruvian man & a face of pleasure.

Took at trip throughout the Black Earth recently to sample the mortal's latest offering the "El Diablo Burger {note the DB there} touted as a "thick burger" {much closer to a regular 'Drac serving' here} combination with onion rings & fries, cherry coke, then ice coffee, plus a "kid's meal" {Baaah!} featuring "Troll Hunters" {now, why would anybody want to hunt a troll?*}, complete with a little silver statuesque knight-like figure, though the animated child character looks like he's wearing a tron-like outfit.

In accordance with proper Satanic order, besides the Chalice of Ecstasy during ritual, any purported such "communion" could also very well be quite a richly indulgent repast, instead of the sterile, flat, tasteless dry disk of the nazarene. Thereby it was inserted into the burger to ensure appropriate symbology, and thusly partaken from upon Hellemental Grace. [Photo: Chicken star & onion ring.]

4/5. Touted as hot, yet more spicy than anything, aficionados of truly hot & spicy foods may wish to add a bit of hot sauce here and there.

* Unless referring to the internet shit-disturbers.

Tags: black earth, dining, food, indulgence, snackrifice

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