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Fantastic Beasts


Fantastic BeastsFantastic Beasts {And Where To Find Them} strikes as a sort of Harry Potter meets Beastmaster set in early 20th century America.

A rogue British Wizard travels to America back when immigrants were allowed to drove from Europe legally en masse. He with his magical briefcase containing enchanted creatures of various sorts. Along the way, he meets a "nomag" {collective word for unfortunately teeming unmagical people, commoners akin to muggles}, a likable stout fellow who happens to be a baker of doughy confections with an infectious sense of humor.

The creatures thrive in a magical multi-dimensional garden akin to their particular elements. One of the most impressive beasts for me in this menagerie is the Thunderbird, native to the southwest, whose wings bring forth thunder & lightning, and the mighty winged serpent Quetzacoatl.

In the end, they must make the muggle forget, but not without eventual rewards for his help.

Wonderful CGI, with fluidity and spectacular scenery in stark contrasts of commerce & the age of mechanical invention. The imaginative and the practical in complementary rapport.

Tags: dracling, fantasy, film, infernal progeny, magic, monsters, movie, nature, spechtreum

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