Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

"Everybody has their own 'opinion'"

The herd do not have actual 'opinions'. A valued opinion is an educated point of view based upon study &/or experience; whereas the herd merely parrot the thoughts of someone else far superior than themselves, and otherwise manufactured to promote an agenda.

Popular, so-called misnomered 'opinion' now consist of recycled, redundant memes, many times misused or misappropriated, regurgitated in a simplistically literal level of misunderstanding, taken out of context by illiterates, thereby giving the ignorant an illusion of l/earned wisdom.

These are sheeple with little to no substance to their vicarious existence who pretend at validation through someone else's profound ruminations. Most instances these have no real meaning to their lackluster wasted lives apart from that which is dependent upon others' 'opinions' such as they or worse.

Seek that whose experience inspires, reflects, complements one's own unique perspectives & experience. That which is enriching and empowering to oneself.

'Poposers' pretend at being something they are not. That by proclaiming a state of importance or relevance, they somehow are it without any real effort to become it. Such proposed states of being should properly be an inspirational point of endeavor which promotes evolution, not merely an empty pretentious proclamation.

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