Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,


Two interesting events occured last night. First, a nearby structure catches fire, which turns out to be abandoned, probably accidentally set aflame by derelicts, though wishful thinking bid for a church fire.

Speak of The Devil, & The Devil appears!

Then what should occur only about an hour later, but the fire alarm activates throughout the floor, complete with loud beeping and strobelight. Thought that perhaps it may have been the redneck in the next room sneaking a smoke, but I did not detect any such scent, so I Am inclined to acknowledge the resident fire system going haywire, especially when the subject matter mentioned by those hereabouts was that of "vampire", and "Devil" in their conversations with eachother, and while passing by the room. The alarm went on for about 5 minutes, after which someone began playing the screams of the damned soundclip that was supposedly a recording of Hell when a microphone was lowered into a pit [Art & Noory have played it copiously on C2C], and has been featured on Deicide's "In Torment In Hell".

The Devil's Inertia

It all started with me opening the bathroom door slowly of its own accord,vat a sort of eerily ghostly speed, which can also be applied to the gait of one's walk, to general movements. It could be said that a 'creepy' atmosphere and eerie events may occur by replication. In other words, "Creepy things happen by doing creepy things", like a domino effect, upon which one & environment becomes a veritable magnet to likened activirlty, which activates an inertia demonstrating a cumulative effect, which develops its own malefick momentum.

Exercise: place an object upon a surface, and retrieve it the you suppose a phantom would. Also refer to the scene from Bram Stoker's Dracula wherein D meets Harker with the shifting shadows, in an almost floating effect. Done correctly, the movement should frighten, disturb, and otherwise cause uneasiness in the observer.

The Devil's Whisper

Along with The Dragon's Roar [see 'Tricks & Treats'; Dracomeroth], is veritably Satan Speaks, as it were, or The Devil's Whisper, wherein that certain low, sustained voicetone, likened morbid winds eerily gailing to initiate dread, or ghostly wailing.

Exercise: Speak in various lower tones in a sustained hum, like pushing forwards eith the breath. Practice until a sensation of dread is experienced. Consult certain Halloween albums for wind effects to match voice replication.

Tags: art bell, black earth, c2c, dracomeroth, dractionary, dracula, dracumentary, halloween, magic, paranormal, psychology, supernatural, tales from the shadowside

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