Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Ryu/saki Dojo Kenpo Karate

Dojo emblem/patch: The figure is obviously Sensei Bill Ryusaki in stance surrounded in his native land of Hawaii. Note the trapezoidal angles. Also note the gesticulation atop center between the dojo title. This signifies a volcano. When at peace, the mountain covers the Power/Force beneath, which is like deadly lava/magma. When uncovered, only use when absolutely necessary for defense. Otherwise it remains subterranean, emerging explosively like KI!

All this explosive volcanic activity is cause to ruminate upon My training in Kenpo, so I began to fondly recall My tenure with Ryu Dojo in Northollywood, wherein I learned the fine arts of not only Kenpo, but Aikido, Judo, Jiu Jitsu, even Kendo, all intermingled with Shotokan, which crated overall Kenpo, although unique styles were also practiced therein.

I fondly recall Sensei Bill walking upon midsections uttering a KI like so many musical keysteps, and a questionable bald judo 'instructor' who taught a technique wherein one had to escape a sideways cradling hold {where he would place his head upon one's torso like a pillow}, without using one's extremities, so you had to wriggle & writhe while his arms were enveloped about one's shoulders & underneath the trunk to the back. Strangely, after this move, he and Sensei Bill had a conversation, and the bald karateka was never seen again.

I know now that this may have been some sort of fetishistic stimulation for this guy, yet it did Me no harm.

Sensei Bill loved Halloween! One day upon entering the dojo, it was bedecked with dracorations such as skeletons, skulls, tombstones, and monster masks! It made a most favorable impression! I knew this was the dojo for Me! On a related note, Sensei Nagayama {Tae Kwon Do} also appreciates Halloween.

Hands down, the most nature-oriented dojo I have seen in the states and had the pleasure to attend {perhaps partly due to Hollywood angle}. apart from overseas dojos, with bamboo chutes running through rocks, onto a stream and into a small lagoon right next to the mat, its trickling waters which were used to meditate before and after lessons, along with visualizing a {black} flame, or a {"forbidden"} apple, if you please.

Ryusaki is a total bad ass. Long black hair with a preference for his red gi, manifesting a fierce demon, or a compassionate one. He participated in several films listed on the wiki profile*, but remains unaccredited in a couple of Knight Rider episodes [stunt & accompanying characters} including "Knight & Knerd" most extensively, wherein he places Michael through the "test" in a dojo set in {1°separation} Rocky's gym {where I also attended}.

He himself began with Shotokan on the Big Island, training with his two brothers, which kept him on his toes.

* Containing further biographical information & career links.

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