Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

The Trench Coat Mafia returns


Another school shooting, another school daze. When there is overpopulation, the herd will thin itself. Too bad for wasting a couple of nubile maidens.

Still, he had an entire school to choose from, but only a 10 deathcount!? Probably should have practiced more at the firing range!

Reminds Me of the Trenchcoat Mafia, and I was just so pleased to have ventured forth that day wearing My leather trenchcoat in public, apparently frightening a security tard at a local establishment as well. Amusingly, when the Columbine events occurred, I boldly wore My trenchcoat wherever I went as usual at the time, and even received a sarcastic complement while on My way to the Dracademic institution I was attending, with "nice coat...!" to which I knowingly responded "Thank you!".

As far as the trenchcoat, duster, etc., is concerned, similar dynamics occurred when the Matrix film was released, as I heard My share of "Matrix!", then subsequently 'Blade', favorably 'The Shadow', and always 'The Undertaker', the latter two which is complementary in My estimation - yet still, as the herd's mentality veers towards meaningless trends, I remain with My personal aesthetics as I please regardless of what is 'popular' or not.

Well, this killer donned a trenchcoat too, but I can see why, with the ability to conceal & preserve weapons, etc., {and I certainly have done My share of that!}, who was accompanied by irrelevant symbols to eachother, save only connectively meaningful in the killer's own comprehension. All these various elements meaning something to him, but I spotted a Baphomet therein among the symbols. While it is the ultimate symbol of rebellion, it does not denote random murder upon the undeserving. Intelligence is applied to passion, for directive force and purpose.

Interesting enough, this killer was all wholesome from outward appearances, was on the football team for a time, sang in a church choir, was an all around jockstard, though a bit of a loner. Perhaps through all this, it has been mused that all some of these killers need is a hug, but I will posit that a full fledged good lay is what may have been necessitated. He needed a girlfriend* &/or playmates {...or maybe a boyfriend?} to alleviate all that frustration. Of course, had he read the tome The Satanic Bible, upon which that symbol he carried with him, The Baphomet philosophically represents, he could have gleaned a great deal of direction therefrom in a basic sense, even if not an actual Satanist.

So ultimately, it seems The Trenchcoat Mafia has symbolically returned again, upon each school shooting. Every time the "strange", or 'odd' kid is picked on, mocked, insulted, etc., they'll be there. Show some respect & consideration. Beware.
* Update: Texas shooter targeted girl who rejected his advances. He just needed a girlfriend. [Correct!]

See Significance Lost: Symbols & the Santa Fe Shooting by Magus Gilmore.

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