DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Hellemental Awakening of Self {SataniCamping?}


"I live as The Beasts of the field, rejoicing in the fleshly life!" Invocation to Satan; The Satanic Bible.

As Satanists, we already do appreciate Nature in its purity surrounding, with an adjoinment and enhancement of Our Satanimal Nature. From enjoying Constitutionals to picnicking, hiking, even including camping, celebrating in a variety of natural environments, which some of us have currently and evocatively indulged in since Draclinghood, and thus, should be perpetuated as a basic foundation of The Warrior, Shinobi.

As an extension of the physical, mental, and even emotional levels of evolution within The Infernal Alignment*, I must include one additional necessary element to more potently traverse through the basic three levels and beyond into the psychic and Magical, all of which shall become exponentially enhanced.

Overall, this is a rite of passage, to supplement strength, mental & physical, and in some cases, emotional endurance. But it will make you Stronger, and undoubtedly propagate further evolution.

As such, it is a most appropriate predecessor to The Satanic Baptism [See The Satanic Rituals, LaVey].

The Primal Awakening

You must test your physical constitution by exposing yourself to the elements in totality. Prepare yourself. Responsibility to the responsible. Pay or postpone your bills for an expanse of from a week until up to a month, depending upon the environment selected. This may also be complemented by The Shadowalk.

Choose your natural environment, which may include places of nefarious reputation such as cemeteries, abandoned asylums, wooded lands, abandoned churches, schoolhouses, reputed haunted spots, etc. You must learn to survive in the wild, with fellow beasts, and train with basic survival techniques and devices, preferably wherein the elements are in flux, such as beaches, canyons, mountains, and forest. Gather weapons, tools, supplies {only that which shall be used to forage for sustenance}. Kill for food, and/or otherwise harvest fruition & vegetation for oneself. Employ the elements for your benefit. Construct your temporary earthen lair with this knowledge. Your mettle shall be tested, and you shall emerge much empowered.

Passing through Hellfire & back

Satanism is a winners' creed! No wimps allowed! For even here there is stratification, and Merit shall inherit. The first must be done by oneself only.

SataniCamping: Additional trips may include others of your tribe, which may then eventually include rituals, ceremonies, feasts, etc., if so inclined {Das Tierdrama, High Mass, Homage To Tchort, The Call of Cthulhu, et al can be included}. From thereon it may become a regular occurrence, or for High Holidays, or yearly even upon one's Nativity observation.

You can do it. Whereupon returning to one's fine suburban, metropolitan, or even country domicile Lair, one's possessions shall be multiplied in appreciation, but now with the additional knowledge of self empowerment & state of being. A true Baptism of The Hellements!

~ Sinsei Blackthorne
Black Draegon Dogym.

* Dracomeroth, Blackthorne.

* RELATED: Hellemental Submersion

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