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Minister of Information


When I think of Adam Parfrey, the veritable Minister of Information, I recall the first time I ever saw that Feral House pitchfork logo emblazoned upon The Devil's Notebook when it came out, subtly yet potently complementing the overall aesthetics. I would see mention of him and/or Feral House on The Black Flame magazine and other sources of diabolical publication. Founding a publishing house that published Magus LaVey's writings is a tremendous honor, and having it My hands to absorb, sharing thoughts on a plethora of subject matter was and is a furthering evolving experience. Then Satan Speaks emerged, the republication of The Satanic Witch, & The Secret Life Of A Satanist by Blanche Barton, all of which contain reflective ponderings & enriching contemplations.

Then one day wherepon I found interviews that were excised & otherwise curtailed from the Exposing Satan's Underground presentation upon a compilation thereof, and recall him as a dynamic and charismatic character himself as he described his efforts in disseminating true information out into the literary arena, along with various other diabolical artisans in their fields of endeavor in tentative stages of embryonic foundational dispersal.

Along with many of the truly remarkable publications he would publish for other authors as well as co-author with, he authored Apocalypse Culture, Cult Rapture, and Ritual America, all of which are high recommendations, among other individual works.

He also dipped into the musical arena with contributions to SWAT: Deep Inside A Cop's Mind, and fully A Sordid Evening of Sonic Sorrows. Both of which I feel are complementary & essential to counterculture contemplation, Unpop rumination, and misanthropic consideration.

\,,/ So Reign In Hell Adam Parfrey, a Satanic Master to be sure, you certainly deserve your part in history which you helped form, and the Hellish Halls of immortality! \,,/

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