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Taco Helliday

See the sleeping mexican under the sombrero taking a siesta?*

So is there really anything to this Cinco De Mayo business? Not really at all. Real mexican independence day is September 16, also known as "grito de dolores", or "cries of pain", in an effort to free themselves from Spanish rule, but it seems The Spaniards achieved all they set out to do any way, so it was no real loss. So they went to rule themselves, and we can witness what that resulted in.

The Realms of Camazotz, Tezcatlipoca

But central and southern american culture is so inundated and influenced by European Spanish culture that the original tribal, indian pagan culture is virtually buried with current cheap fabrications. Except in the first settlement colonial rulerships, subsequent ceations carry neither the fine Spanish architecture and decoration, nor the wonderfully arcane and mysterious Aztec, Mayan, and other indigenous culturations, which one would now really have to search for at places like Chitzen Itza, Xunantunich, Teotihuacán, Nazca, Machu Picchu, among other hidden archeological Power spots. Temples and other anomalous centers. For as The Spanish searched and harvested treasure troves of gold {and women}, so there is a whole veritable labyrinth of mysteries to be discovered, plunged, and utilized. [ref. Mystic Voyages, Dracomeroth]

Taco Hell

I consider it a veritable Taco Bell holiday. Anyone wishing a mexican a "happy cinco de mayo" is considered a "pocho" if of mexican descent themselves, and what's more, a "pendejo" besides. But as such then, it would be an excellent opportunity to indulge in the confections offered by this establishment, with indulging in fiestas and senoritas aplenty! Perhaps in that sense, it should be better known as "Cinco de drinko!" Don't forget the body bag piñata!
El ¡Zorro!

Though not mexican himself, it would also an excellent opportunity to watch that Spaniard in black, none other than that vigilante of the knight, Zorro {a very Batman Satanic archetype}, from the films to the first series presentations!

  • The Mask of Zorro / The Legend of Zorro {acting: Antonio Banderas [Interview With A Vampire], Catherine Zeta-Jones}.
  • Zorro {acting: Douglas Fairbanks, Guy Williams}.

* Besides the chihuahua, there was also who'll I'll call "pepito" the Taco Boy. Interestingly enough, there was a time when various competing restaurants wanted to develop their own lovable taco boy, including Pizza Hut's "Taco Kid", "Taco Boy", etc. Perhaps that chihuahua can be Pepito's pet!

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