Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

On Maypoles & maidens

| Behold The Baphomet Caduceus |

For Spring celebrations, plentifully responsible coital pleasures are the main concentration.

For what does the may pole represent, but the erect phallus {Pan, Dionysus, Priapus, Baphomet, et al}, with strands emanating from the tip, obviously being the carnal seed fountain spilling forth, with the celebrants representing either nubile maidens {and lustful witches, succubi*} awakened to enjoy the delights of the flesh, and/or the seeds who have blossomed and cum forth. Some are crowned with the wreath atop, which itself is representative of the womb {or other oraphi, if so inclined} prepared to be penetrated or fertilized. On a microscopic level, it may even be considered the DNA strand.

Satantric Position-wise, several maidens may grasp the engorged phallus simultaneously taking turns entwining tongues thereupon upon multiple culminations, with joyful aspersions unto all. Hail Lilith! Hail SATAN!

* Otherwise modify appropriately according to preference.

Further reading: Spring_festivals.

Tags: holidays, lust, pleasures of the flesh, satantra, sex, sexology, sexuality, sinemaerotica, walpurgisnacht

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