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Year: LIII | Genre: Action-adventure, Monster, sci-fi.

I recently attended a special screening of a presentation called "Rampage", with adequate acting by Dwayne Johnson* {who plays a Primatologist character named Davis Okoye} and others, which essentially starts off like Alien, proceeds like Skull Island, then goes in reverse to the city, turning into King Kong vs. Godzilla with the introduction of a giant crocagator, with giant wolves thrown in like Fenris for good measure.

A pathogen is introduced onto the mutant wildlife on an isolated island, by which an evil entrepreneur villainess attempt to manipulate them via sonic transmissions. The mutant creatures trace the source of their pain to a tower atop a building in downtown Chicago, which, after the city being summarily destroyed, finally tumbling it down in a scene reminiscent of 9/11.

The giant ape is named "George" {...of the jungle!?}, a very intelligent albino primate among his group of gorillas, communicating via sign language who becomes friends with Okoye, who both eventually battle the behemoth reptile together.

In keeping with a more immersive experience with some additional relative TE psychological, inter-active stimulus, Chicago-style hotdogs, cola, spicy popcorn, m&m's, grapeblasters, lemonheads, and other treats were enjoyed during the viewing.

Pretty convincing CGI. Overall, monster movie progression: ALIEN > SKULL ISLAND {to the city} > KING KONG vs. GODZILLA

RATING: 3.5/5

{In Some personal trivia, I once created a digital flier illustration for a band named "Rampage" which featured a rendition of Magus LaVey from the back of The Satanic Bible.}

* not as large as Arnie or Lou, with acting ability somewhere between the two; & was placed in his grave by The Undertaker.

Tags: 9/11, adventure, biography, dracumentary, film, film review, filmography, godzilla, monsters, movie, movies, sci-fi, science fiction, spechtreum, trivia

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