Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

9 o' clock and all is Hell!

9 o' clock looks like an inverse cross with the hand pointed to The Left, which is very appropriate and poignant, considering 9 is indeed The Devil's Number as it continually returns to Itself, as does The Ego, as well as being "The Root of All Evil", as it were, of 666; and of course, The Left-Hand Path & Dark Side, psyche.

It should also be considered that The Pentagram arranged in a clock configuration will geometrically, numerologically, add to [11+6+1+9+3+11=41/4+1=5], either from top left or wherever else, and will add to the base angular numerage of 5.

  • Ref. "The Unknown Known"; The Satanic Rituals; LaVey.
  • Ref. Satanic Numerology, The Devil's Scroll, Blackthorne.

THE BLACK BOOK OF SHADOWS: It just so happens that the clock which inspired this contemplation has since malfunctioned, in that it began to slow down and speed up, in vast hours of difference.

Tags: 666, 9, black book of shadows, draconis blackthorne, lavey, mathemagics, numerology, paranormal, supernatural, tales from the darkside, tales from the shadowside, timelessness

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