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For whom the Bell tolls...


Art Bell has stepped onto the mothership and now presides over the worldwide Kingdom of Nye... He was among the first ever paranormal broadcasters whose profession has become relatively commonplace now by amateurs who owe to Bell's pioneering efforts; yet C2C remains the premiere radio show, unmatched throughout, through George Noory and others, aknowledging the Master of the genre.

I Myself first discovered Coast on a Magical night on an 11/20, wherein My Drac senses led Me to explore the less troddened am static realms to the left of the dial, That show featured Our own Reverend Andre Schlesinger as guest* - a generous 4 hour broadcast all about Satanism, presented in a fair, professional manner, allowing for all of our basics to be explained in that albeit condensed timeframe, yet just about the lengthiest interview on the subject yet. Art asked prescient questions in an intelligent manner along with a dark sense of humor, incisive intellect, with a complementary repartee', making for educational as well as entertaining faire.

As is his style with testcular fortitude, he would subsequently interview Magistra Barton.

A show hosted by Bell always makes for quality interviews, discussion, and subject matter which contributes to the evolution of the exploration of the paranormal, the extraterrestrial, cosmological, and overall mysteries of the occult in nature and science, inpirational and complementary to others of like mind and interest. All these stimulating subjects I have been studying since forever, from books to documentaries, and this complementary broadcast.

Fortunately, there is an available archive of shows on the Coast site, but there needs to be an even more extensive collection inclusive of that most remarkable presentation mentioned above. In any case, it is indeed a great opportunity to avail of these resources.

Perhaps he would have been quite amused as another possible candidate for Frankensteinean technology, to have been preserved with either stem cells, or a brain transplant into a fresh cloned body of himself.

Interestingly enough, it seems appropriate that he traversed the veritable 'Stargate' on Friday the 13th, a day dedicated to all things strange and mysterious, with The Devil as its obvious patron.
* Unfortunately unavailable at this timeless.

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