DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Hell Tower Monolith


The Hell Tower monolith looms ominously o'er an evocatively haunted and blighted environment of pulchritudenous sextremes in a legendary urban center of vice, in the shadow of wherein the Draegon issued forth, and sacrificial offerings continue.
Hells Fargo
Hells Fargo
Founded upon Mammon vice, the keys of Lust & Greed

Thereupon reflected by Sorath's western descent, the hellements depicted, as devilish insignias in manifesting shadows. Phallic Belial arising within the dark city of devils incarnate, and the gaping abyss of a cleaved landscape in Hades forged in brimstone; mighty Leviathan casting the raging tides, looming in the deep; 'neath Luna's face the bird of prey soars, Lucifer's own manifest.

A veritable Barad-dûr

A dominant mass resembling a horn-tipped trapezoidal tower, a veritable demonic beacon and lightning rod attracting, channelling, transmitting nefariously infernal shadow energies by Malefick Will upon the world. A most ideal villainous monolith, and veritable Key to The Abyss.

4/10 Black Book of Shadows: Trump Tower catches fire while making post public. TT is 666 ft. in height.

Tags: birthday, black earth, dominant mass, dracling, dracmas, evocation, infernal progeny, magic

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