DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

23 skidoo!

1. 1st job: Flier distributor for Earl's Toys.
2. Astrological sign: Aquarius.
3. Favorite Pizza: Usually a customized variation including avocado, egg {either hardboiled, scrambled, or fried/poached}, bacon, brie cheese {"briezza"}, lately hellapeno, chorizo blood sausage, & pineapple. Othwrwise ask for a "mexicano" from La Pizza Loca, though it's actually an 'Espanol'.
4. Holiday: Helloween {aesthetically}, Birthday {ideologically}. One frequwntly looks much like the other. Halloween items collected to celebrate both.
5. Dog: Bull Mastiff {Cortes leneage}, Dobermans, Hellhounds.Also had a wolf hybrid {Hound of The Baskervilles}.
6. Foot attire: Big black leather steel-toed ass-kicking boots, crocs ]{bootslippers for protection & comfort in various terrains, Tabi boots {Ninja heritage}.
7. Rollercoaster: Indiana Jones' Temple of Doom, Space Mountain, Matterhorn, Batman. Mostly for aesthetic reasons.
8. Candy: Rocky Road candybar, cael-filled chocobars, choco krispies.
9. Icecream: Cookies 'n' cream, "surprise", Rocky Road, 'neopolitan'.
10. Pet peeve: Nosey people {Kravitzes}, rude, stupid, obnoxious people, lower life forms, untermencht. Thieves. Douchebags.
11. Listening to right now: Rain & Malefick Musick.
12. Color of vehicle: Dark blue.
13. Eye color: Mine - Hazelbrown; General: greyish blue, hazel.
14. Fav. Holiday: Halloween!
15. Night owl or day person: Primarily Nocturnal, but I do enjoy a nice overcast, foggy, windy day.
16. Tattoos? None yet, but it would probably consist of Dracomet, Shadowgram, Brimstone symbol, Magna Satan {Venom: Black Metal}, Bathory Demongoat, Slayer Show No Mercy Baphomet demon, Satanic Bible LaVey, Addams Family Dracula, Legend, etc. {Idea: tattoo printed skin-colored bodysuit}. Otherwise privileged information upon request.
17. Like to cook? Yes. I have several speciàlty dishes, like Drac Burger & fries {Beelzeburger, Lord of The Fries}, Wicked Wok Stirfry, pastas, Pizza Burrito dog feast.
18. Beer or wine or neither: Beer - Stella Artois {repast}, Miller High Life & Genuine Draft {enebriation}; wine - Sangria.
19. Can you drive a manual transmission? I can learn.
20. Fav. Color: Dark.
21. Do you like vegetables? Yes, especially cabbages. Otherwise, vegetable juice {"Vampire 8"}, a concentrated lifeforce.
22. Do you wear glasses? Should wear prescription spectacles, but frequently wear shades.
23. Fav. Season: Falloween Winter, Spring.

/,,/ Deni Cook

Tags: automotive, biography, dracumentary, games, halloween, interview, questionnaire, questionnaires, quizzes

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