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Tezcatlipoca Hellfire!

On this windy day with an impending storm brewing, I was discussing how much the building across the way resembles a TELACU structure, when what should occur almost immediately afterwards, but a small blaze that began burning in the adjacent CVS parking lot just across the driveway. I consider this a manifestation of Demonic energy because of the displeasure being expressed at that moment.

The Fire Dept. Unit 60 eventually arrived, put it out, but it was amusing. I had all of a sudden noticed black smoke coursing across the immediate sky atmosphere, and initially thought it was deriving from the roof, but I then traced it down to a small corner segment of a dividing island from the lot to the street.

I imagine the small blaze may have eventually put itself out, but people in general seem just so out of touch with Nature and their own senses, that small things like this, elemental manifestations seemingly make them panic. It would indeed have been amusing to watch another one spark up, for it would have been fantastic had an ember caught the wind, traveling across the way to the TELACU building.

Overall, My wondering if this building was connected to that organization was definitely answered by The Hellements in the affirmative. Hail SATAN.

Pyromancy exquisite

Reminds Me of the housefire down the street at a former Noctuary conjured in justified anger at some obnoxious sacrifices, and the lightning bolt that struck a tree one night during a delightful Nocturnal Constitutional in the rain. {See The Black Book of Shadows}. Hail Satan!

Tags: black book of shadows, constitutional, diary, dracumentary, magic, paranormal, parapsychology, supernatural

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