Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Bodybag piñata

Fashion a makeshift body comprised of a trashbag tied off at sections such as at the neck to form a head, shoulders, and torso, cinched about the leg area, either hanged at the neck or upside down at the ankles.

It shall be filled with candy treats &/or toys, dispensed therefrom upon striking with bats or boards with nails or barbed wire.

Would make for a fun Halloween tradition to set up in local parks, or even one's backyard.

Content options may be either all candy {treats}, combined with toys, or "tricks", which may be gross, mysterious textures such as noodles, cold spaghetti for intestines {or licorice}, jello for brains, peeled grapes, hardboiled eggs, or olives for eyeballs. These may be marked and known only to the host/s, dispensed accordingly.

Black Mass catharsis: Effigy option - disliked politicians, religious figures, celebritards, personal enemies, grievances, etc.

Tags: dracling, friday 13th, games, halloween, infernal progeny, toys

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