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Magus LaVey alludes to the shadowy constitutional in the essay "How To Become A Werewolf: The Fundamentals of Lycanthropic Transformation" [The Devil's Notebook], wherein it is recommended that one should seek out blighted spots for privacy, performance, and fear energy resonance absorbption.

As one is wont to do naturally upon Nocturnal Constitutionals, to veer towards darkrened spots, alleyways, lonely pathways, creeks, etc., either in the wilderness and/or urban grounds, graveyards, etc., all for a sense of adventure, exploration, privacy, to appreciate the environment, overall empowerment by contemplation, meditation, and the absorbption of accumulated energy by thouughtform projections in places of nefarious reputation, wherein the practitioner effectively becomes the haunter thereof, the shadowy form moving in the darkness, wherein that fear & dread {even Vampyric} dynamic is thusly embodied, combined with energy projected from others onto the Shadowalker, thus enhancing overall accumulation.

Of course, this would be engaged with confidence, secure in oneself and abilities. One's cane and/or certain elements upon one's person may serve as advantages and equalizers if needed, as well as a basic knowledge of self-defense precautions. Musculature, stature, and posture can also be assets.

Overall, the prototypal phantom "no one wants to meet in a dark alley", as it were, otherwise may be perhaps met with cordiality.

Tags: black earth, essay, magic, martial arts, psychodrama, psychology, shadowside, travel, weapons

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