Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Count Chocula Treat bars


Count Chocula Treat Bars

It is really splendid to find that little bit of surprise Halloween withersoever one may travel. Had the splendid opportunity to enjoy these recently, and I must say, they are definitely the beast of their kind, 'bar' none. There are Six included per packet, prominently displayed on the box along with the evocative character that has been part of the Halloween forever; so it behooves one to purchase 3 the first time, and make sure there are three on hand the rest of the time. So finding a plethora of these boxes at a local 99c store still on the shelves in January is a splendid discovery, for those of us who appreciate the Samhain aesthetic the year through.

These are basically rice crispy treats comprised of Count Chocula Monster cereal, covered in fudge and marshmallows, and very chewy. These are to be dispensed for those extra special trick or treaters who really go out of their way to display the Halloween spirit, whether by costume and/or enthusiasm, and imagination, with a few condiments thrown in now and again for the complementary salty and sour contrasts.

Tags: 666, black earth, comedy, dining, dracula, food, halloween, hell's bar& grill, humor, monsters, novelties, oddities, possessions, snackrifice

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