Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,


1. Marriages: 3. Mystique, Sinthea, Amy {Legal, since divorced}.
2. Proposals: 0. Always mutual.
3. Children: 1 CPK Boy.
4. College Degrees: Yes. PhD Equivalencies. Accumulating multiple credits and attended scholastic institutions of subjects of interest. Primarily autodidactic pursuits and interests.
5. Pets right now: 1 cat named "Samhain Nicodemus" {Sambo}.
6. Surgeries: Tonsilectomy, & minor for stitches. Wanna' see? Show & tell, kiss & make it better...
7. Tattoos: None, but would of My Dracomet, a Baphomet, Sabbatic Baphomet, and a horned, fanged, maned skull with moon behind, likened Skeleton Warriors' Grimskull.
8. Piercings: None, but would acquire one on left ear like a pirate or demon, with a small ringlet, otherwise other jewelry items with Satanic iconography, like an inverse cross.
9. Shot a gun: Yes, at an acquintances' house after a party, right through the roof!
10. Quit a job: No, but I have since learned that this may be for the better, considering one may still be paid if "fired".
11. Ever been on TV: Yes, Pact with The Devil & several Satanic Panic presentations {America's Best Kept Secret: A Look At Modern Day Satanism, Pagan Invasion: Doorways To Satan, Devil Worship: The Rise of Satanism, Pacesetters, June Caine Miller Show}.
12. Been to an island: Tom Sawyer's Island. Would like to visit Hawaii and Catalina some day, and spend some time with the native girls.
13. What do you drive? Ford Taurus 2001 SES.
14. Hit a deer: Oh, deer! Butt no, and would try to avoid doing so at all costs, otherwise would transport the wounded animal to a rescue mission. This question seems intended for those residing in The Pacific Northwest and/or Canada.
15. Someone cried over you: Yes. All.
16. Fallen in love: Absolutely, and Love Never Dies.
17. Watched someone die: Initiated plenty of visualizations upon enemies.
18. Been in an ambulance: Yes, on two occasions.
19. Sung Karaoke: No, not counting private performances. I do however plan on a karaoke album some day.
20. Iceskating: Yes, briefly at the Valley Plaza Ice Chalet {I|II}, but primarily attended to watch pretty girls skate around in those outfits}, and later for hockey.
21. Been surfing: Yes, but more accurately "boogieboarding", "skimboarding", and "bodysurfing" with the Y.
22. Been on a cruise: Not yet, but definitely would for both paranormal investigative purposes and a romantic sexcursion. Been on a cruiseliner though, The Queen Mary Grey Ghost, which is indeed most definitely quite haunted.
23. Built a snowman: Not as such, but would if given the opportunity. It would probably come out more like a snowdevil or witch, or some sort of Halloween ghoul. It has been recommended as an alternative to the regular snowman, and even sand creatures.
24. Swam in the ocean: Absolutelyy yes, many times with the Y.
25. Been to the mountains: Yes, Azusa Canyons on several occasions with 'The Droogs' {even had fun sex with Arius there}; coursed through haunted Turnbull Canyon with beloved Mystique & Faun; passed through mountains several instances while on the way to locations in Central and North California, and even Mexico once, wherein the vehicle in which I was sleeping at the time tumbled over a mountainside, wherein I was covered in luggage.
26. Been to the arcticircle: No, but would love to see where Superman and Santa Claus live! Otherwise I find The Aurora Borealis to be mystical and appealing.
27. Been on a motorcycle: Yes, with the donor as a small Dracling, in the rain many times, and with the dogshit sisters on several occasions when they had motorcycles.
28. Ridden a horse: Yes, once a year near Magic Mountain with the Y during Western theme week.
29. Almost died: Undead. Also fell through a roof once.
30. Stayed in a hospital: Once. I recall a very sexy little nurse there.
31. Play musical instrument: Yes, voice. I seem to have an instinctual alacrity with instruments. Would like to play keyboards because a synthesizer would mimic all other instruments, although nothing quite beats the actual instrument.
32. Favorite fruit: Avocado is technically a fruit which seems more like a vegetable.
33. Favorite vegetable: Tomato and all of its manifestations.
34. Favorite dessert: Pie, especially fruit pies, although hairpies are always acceptable!
35. Morning or Night: NIGHTIME is when I moreso come alive.
36. Favorite color: DARK. All colors in the shadows, otherwise opalescent containing all shades in the black.
37. Last phone conversation: With a representative from Autovantage.
38. Last text: To The Cabbage about a playlist.

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